List of Valuable Safety Tips Before Flights to India.

Keep your hand on your heart, now ask the top three things you are concerned about while traveling abroad. It may coincide with the following –

  1. How Safe is it?
  2. How Costly is it?
  3. How to reach there?

We can know in minutes the destination we desire to explore and how much it costs. But how do you cover the safety of anyplace? In the daily routine, we are trapped in, it is troublesome to find out. So let us discuss safety in this blog before you book your tickets from USA to India flights.

Here is the list of things to ponder on –

  • Is it safe or not?
  • If yes then why!
  • Precautions
  • Tips
  • Helpline number

Is it safe or not: Yes or No

Yes, India is one of the safest countries to travel. You ask me why and I present to you this number.

10 Million!!

These are the number of travelers who visited India in 2019. 10 million is a big number which is rising every year. India took a big leap in rank in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index World Economic Forum. Where this country is now at the 34th rank in 2019 compared to 65th in 2013. There is a 3.2% increase in the number of tourists in 2019 compared to that of 2018.

This is possible as the Government of India is also focused on making this country easy for foreign tourists and coming up with several distinct initiatives. Therefore you get your tickets from USA to India flights without any anxiety. Here is another blog on Why people prefer visiting India

Apart from all the security controls in the country, one must continually be sharp and intelligent to take care of self. We highly advise you to follow these precautions and tips based on the knowledge of a lot of travelers.

Precaution to take while you are traveling in India:

  • India has a left-hand side drive, driving in India is a difficult task. Hire cab driver in 15$-20$.
  • Always be active on Google maps, or carry a personal map of the city.
  • Keep a copy of your important document with you, we also suggest you keep it in your gallery.
  • Be updated of your destination.
  • Keep a secret stash of cash for an emergency situation excluding your wallet.
  • Always know the rules before entering any place of worship. The best is to go with a local person aware of the rituals. Read this blog – Visiting a Temple: Keep this thing in mind
  • If you are missing your phone, wallet, passport, or anything important the first thing you need to do is report an FIR(First information report) in the nearest police station. You can also ask for assistance in the country’s consulate or embassy.
  • It is always better to drink water from a sealed bottle.
  • Always check the cleanliness of the place before you plan to eat.

Here is the list of tips to be aware of before booking your business class flights to India.

Safety Tips while traveling to India:

  • Book with a renowned tour company when planning your holiday.
  • Subscribe to embassy updates to get the latest update of the country you are traveling to.
  • Keep away from a huge crowd and any political demonstration.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, rings or chain while walking on the road.
  • Don’t assume to trust any woman on the street or at the bar. Be cautious.
  • Don’t accept free drinks, food or rides. BIG NO.
  • Only a handful of cities in India has a night-life. So avoid roaming around late at night.
  • You will constantly be asked to take photos with people. Take them as long as you feel comfortable
  • Purchase a local sim card. This sim will be working all over India.
  • Say No to things that make you uncomfortable.
  • Have a list of emergency numbers and government initiatives.
  • Be alert while walking the traffic area
  • Cigarette Smoking in India on road is an offense. Though almost all hotels, homestay and guest houses in India allow smoking. Taking permission with the owner is recommended.
  • Check the cleanliness of the place before you plan to eat. If you are wondering what to eat before boarding the flight to India read this.

Important Helpline number in India

Please take down the list of emergency helpline numbers. We recommend you to save them on your phone and memorize a few. The service in the major cities of the country is highly approachable. You will get a response from the emergency executive. In case you are in a rural area, it may take a bit while to reach you.


FIRE: 101


Disaster Management Services: 108

Women Helpline: 1091

Latest update:

CoronaVirus: If you notice any symptoms or need help related to this virus please contact on the Helpline Number:

011-23978046  (Ministry of Health and family welfare India)

If you are in Delhi: Join the WhatsApp group by using this mobile number 8800001091 for women safety. You can share pictures of the number plate of the busses and taxis you are traveling in.

India is a diverse country and majorly the people of India are friendly and supportive in nature. So experience the good, book your last minute flight tickets to India, and have some wonderful memories in the country.

FAQ – 

  • How much time does an ambulance reach once I call 102?

It depends on your destination. In the major metro cities ambulance shall reach you 10-15 minutes after your call. In isolated or rural areas the time can be increased.

  • Is it safe to ask help from any local person in case of trouble?

Well this is the first thing to do, if you sense yourself in trouble, find the nearest local person and share the problem with him/her. People in India are friendly and helpful.

  • Is India safe for solo travelers?

Yes. India is one of the safest travel destinations, with the increase in tourism government is placing forward more and more initiative to uplift tourism.

  • Do I need to be afraid of coronavirus in India?

There are no proven cases which report the spread of this virus in India. The people under observation are being scanned. This virus is not at all active in this country. So you don’t have to be afraid this virus.

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