Is It Safe To Travel To India From USA After Coronavirus Outbreak?

From few months Corona Virus has continued to spread around the world. As a result, many airlines have canceled all nonessential travel to China.

Is it also risky to travel through other Asian countries?

Not at all!

You can travel to Asian countries like India that are far away from risk. Make sure you are not traveling to the countries with high risk i.e China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, and Japan. Also, avoid flights to India with a layover in these countries.

Other than this air travel is completely safe because many airlines and airports are turning to super-strength disinfectants to sanitize planes before flights. Further, you can take some precautions to lessen the effects of getting sick during your journey to India.

Due to more cases of corona virus USA President has tighten limits on international travel in hope to avoid the corona virus affected visitors.

Also, the vulnerable countries will be helped by various organizations. For prevention of corona virus disease, UNICEF is leading with some preventative actions to support the affected countries. WHO has announced the fund of US$15 million from UN’s Emergency Fund to fight against coronavirus.

Before traveling you must read the travel and health tips for international travelers by WHO (World Health Organization).

Precautions may include:

  • Getting vaccines before traveling
  • Frequent washing of hands
  • Avoid unnecessary touch to the surface
  • Getting in contact with other passengers

Know how it spreads:

This virus is transmitted easily via direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person or contaminated surface. The main issue is that it affects the people of any age.

Common symptoms include fever, cough, pneumonia, and shortness of breath.

International travelers are facing restrictions at airports because countries are denying entry to passengers who have recently visited China, Italy, and other infected regions.  USA has increased screening for coronavirus infection at various airports such as John F. Kennedy, Los Angeles, San Francisco, O’Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson international airports. Further the travel restriction to China has been placed.

Before flying, make sure to clean your seat, armrest and nearby surface with a disinfecting wipe and ensure a safe travel.

Best Routes to Fly from USA to India:

As people are in fear of traveling but it is the time when the airfares are low. Furthermore, India seems to be one of those travel destinations that people wish to go. If you are the interested one then let us tell you the safest way to travel India amidst corona virus fear.

Airline Depart From Arrive at Stops
Air India San Francisco Delhi Non-Stop
United Airlines New York Delhi Non-Stop
Delta Airlines San Francisco Delhi Amsterdam
Etihad Airways Los Angeles Mumbai Abu Dhabi
Qatar Airways Dallas Hyderabad Doha

What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

If you have above mentioned symptoms then seek the medical attentions immediately as it can be fatal. You need to follow the common hygiene practice and take medical help. Also, avoid going to public places to prevent spread to others.

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