Do you Know why Most of Tourists Prefer to Visit India?

India is a country that put an everlasting mark on travelers. Visitors are impressed by the tropical climate, exotic food, interesting monuments, vibrant culture, and soothing nature. The beauty of India is lavishing either it is geographically, historically, artistically, religiously or culturally.

Those who are still thinking about the vacation destination then here are some of the long lists of reasons why you should choose India.

Manifolds of Food:

Foodies with travel goals can accomplish both their desires here. Here you can find a variety of items from street food to Hi-Fi restaurants. Indian Street Food is something that could bring a Tsunami of exotic flavors within you. One can’t get much taste anywhere else. Some of the must-have items are Gol Gappe, Vada Pav, Momo, Kabab, Biryani, and Cholle Bhaturey.


Nice People:

In India guest is worshipped like the God. That’s why in terms of hospitality Indians are the best. There are many tourist places where commercial hotels do not exist, and tourists who look for accommodation can ask the locals to live in their houses. The Indian people are ready to open their houses for the traveler and share their traditional meals with them.

Learn the Yoga:

When it comes to Yoga and meditation India comes first in mind. Yoga is practiced all over the world but it was originated in India. So, many people from the world come here to learn yoga and meditation basics. The best places for this purpose are Rishikesh, Auroville, Dharamshala, and Goa. Make sure you book your flight ticket to India in advance to avoid high airfares.

Incredible Wildlife:

India is home to various national parks that give you wildlife-watching excursion. In India, there is a large reserve for wildlife animals and birds with 166 national parks and over 500 wildlife sanctuaries. The best places to visit are Sariska National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Kanha National Park, and Bandhavgarh National Park.

Taj Mahal the Wonder:

India houses the world-famous attractive monuments in which the most famous one is the Taj Mahal. There are many people who travel India only to visit the Taj Mahal which is a marble mausoleum built by Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz. That’s why it is also popular as an epitome of love. The building represents the true Mughal architecture. Every year millions of travelers come here to visit it.

The Deserted Land:

The unique state Rajasthan is a popular tourist place. Here you can get the amazing views of glittering sands forming different shapes across the landscape. Those who seek for desert adventure can make unforgettable memories in these places of India Jaisalmer, Kutch, Bikaner, Barmer, and Jodhpur. The most important attraction that seems appealing to tourists from various destinations in the desert safari.

Beautiful Beaches:

India has a large number of beautiful beaches where travelers come to have some beach fun. The blend of sun, sea, and sand can make everyone go mad within it. There are many beaches in India where you can experience this fun. Some of the best beach destinations are Radhanagar Beach, Agonda beach, Mandrem Beach, and Candolim Beach.

Traditional Festivals:

There are a lot of unique and vibrant festivals held in the country. Each state celebrates a different kind of festivals in a different way. On the other hand, there are some festivals celebrated all over India such as Holi, Diwali, and many more.

Still, confused about a holiday visit to India? Just take a chance and book your flight tickets to India. You will definitely enjoy the visit if really seeking for adventure and fun. There are many incredible sights to discover and enjoy with friends. Other than this country holds many backpacker destinations.

Some FAQs:

  • Why you should visit India?

There can be any reason to visit India. Many people used to come here for refreshing their soul and mind. Some may come to India to learn yoga, meditate, and some expect an unlimited adventure. It is a diverse place for every kind of person.

  • Where I can find the best Indian cuisine?

Indian cuisine is vastly different with respect to states. But, North and South Indian food is most famous and you must try it.

  • When is the best time to visit India?

October to March is the best time to visit India because of pleasant weather.

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