Super quick guide on East India – Explore the hidden beauty and enlightened land of the East!

Do you ever wonder what it costs to take one of those trips where you walk on the busy streets and the streets are full of gestures, grins, serenity, and gratitude?

When you hear the laughter in the background as you walk down further, and the people you see are welcoming and the festivals are celebrated as zeal as if God has come down to Earth.

Well, It doesn’t cost much! So get ready and book your last-minute flight tickets to India and come to the East of India.

The East of India, also “the land of enlightenment” include West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha. The religious vibe here will grab you instantly, the land of the east has enlightened many gurus and spiritual leaders including, Swami Vivekananda and Siddhartha Gautama(the Buddha), the spiritual teacher who became the founder of Buddhism.

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Welcome to East India: Sweet Rasgullas, Peacefulness around the Bodhi tree, ancient architecture, Green lands, and Waterfalls.

Experience the richness of the East of the country by booking your flights to India this year. Here is the easy guide of climate, airports, favorite food and places of the East!

Best Climate to travel :

  • November to February Mild Winters. This is the best time to travel. The temperature stays between 9-25 degrees, West Bengal being the coldest as it drops down to 2 degrees at night and snowfall occurs in some regions.

What is beautiful in Winters:  Every Place in the east is pleasant in Winters.

  • Mach to June Hot summers from March to June. The temperature goes as high as 34-36 degrees and up to 40 degrees in Odisha

What is beautiful in Summers: We recommend you to travel in the Winter and Monsoon time.

  • July to OctoberModerate monsoon. The monsoon enters around this time. Traveling in this season will treat you with good scenic beauty.

What is beautiful in Monsoon:  All the states have beautiful tourist spots to cover in Monsoon.

Festivals :

  • Holi – The festival of colors: 9th -10th March 2020
  • Diwali – The festival of lights: 14th November 2020
  • Durga Puja in West Bengal: 22-26th October 2020
  • Rath Yatra in West Bengal: 23rd June
  • Chandan Yatra Odisha: 26th April 2020
  • Basant Panchami in Jharkhand: 29th January 2020

West Bengal

The streets of this state are decorated by artists with beautiful pictures of color. They do it not out of labor, but due to one of the local festivals Behala Art Festival which is a pleasure to watch. Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal which is also called the City Of Joy. One of the major tourist attractions in the city is during the Durga Puja festival which is celebrated with unparalleled enthusiasm in Kolkata. This festival points to the victory of good over evil and is a homecoming of Goddess Durga for five days.

Best time to visit October to March

A place to visit in Rajasthan

  • Kolkata
  • Sundarbans National Park
  • Darjeeling
  • Kalimpong
  • Shantiniketan
  • Dooars Region and Jaldapara National Park
  • Pandua and Gaur
  • Mandarmani Beach
  • Bankura
  • Midnapore
  • Siliguri
  • Hoogly
  • Kalimpong
  • Barrackpore

Famous Food –

  • Macher jhol
  • Mishti Doi
  • Kosha Mangsho
  • Alur torkari
  • Luchi
  • Chomchom
  • Sandesh
  • Rasgullas

Airport –

Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport (CCU) (International) and Bagdogra Airport (IXB) (International) are the two international airports in Kolkata.


Reconnect with nature on the land of Odisha by visiting one of the finest wild sanctuaries in India. The vibrant tribal treasure, the beautiful temples, and monuments here carry grace that is only available in this state. The Sun Temple at Konark is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Centre. You will also be awe-struck with the beauty of the largest temple of Shiva, The Lingaraj temple in the capital city of Odisha Bhubaneswar.

Best time to visit October to March

Top place to visit in Odisha –

  • Bhubaneswar
  • Puri
  • Konark
  • Chilka
  • Orissa Beaches
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Cuttack
  • Chandipur and Gopalpur
  • Pipli

Famous Food –

  • Chungdi Malai
  • Macha Ghanta – The Famous Odisha Food
  • Dalma
  • Pakhala Bhata
  • Chhena Poda – The Traditional Food of Odisha
  • Rasabali
  • Pilaf
  • Santula
  • Aloo Potala Rasa

AirportThe international airport of Odisha is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar.


Jharkhand was separated from Bihar in the year 2000 on demand of the Adivasi tribe in that region. The central attraction for tourists here is the Jain pilgrimage center at Parasnath Hill, the untouched forests at Betla (Palamau) National Park and the Dassam Falls. Jharkhand is now improving and opening up to tourists. Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand.

Best time to visit October to March

A place to visit in Rajasthan –

  • Ranchi
  • Jamshedpur
  • Deoghar
  • Hazaribagh
  • Dhanbad
  • Bokaro
  • Betla National Park
  • Dasham Falls
  • Ghatshila
  • Shikharji

Famous Food –

  • Dhuska
  • Rugra, Puttu or Phutka: A Mushroom
  • Pitha; a special festive dish of Jharkhand
  • Arsa Roti
  • Litti Chokha
  • Chilka Roti
  • Handia/ A Famous Liquor
  • Bamboo Shoot
  • Malpua
  • Thekua
  • Kanda ki Sabzi
  • Metha Khaza
  • Dudhori
  • Mahua Masala

Airport – Birsa Munda International Airport


Lord Budha, the founder of Buddhism was enlightened under a Bodhi tree(the tree of awakening) in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, since then this place has been a great attraction to followers/believers of Buddhism. The Mahabodhi tree is in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Patna is the capital city of Bihar and is located at the riverside that extends for about 12 miles (19 km) along the south bank of the Ganges (Ganga) River. This city is good for pleasure when it comes to food and sweets. So visit the land of awakening and book your tickets to India this year for an amazing experience.

Best time to visit October to March

Top tourist spot to visit in Bihar

  • Gaya
  • Nalanda
  • Bodhi Tree
  • Patna
  • Navlakha Place, Rajnagar
  • Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, Kundalpur
  • Tomb Of Sher Shah Suri in Sasaram

Famous Food –

  • Litti Chokha
  • Naivedyam
  • Chandrakala/ Pedakiya
  • Khaja
  • Mutton Kebabs and Reshmi Kebabs
  • Laung-Latika
  • Pantua/Kala Jamun
  • Laai
  • Tilkut

Airport – Gaya International Airport is the in Patna  

Every corner of India is a surprise to travel because of the large variety and openness in culture. Read our blogs on other corners North, South, and East India. Explore the beautiful country by booking your Business-class tickets to India for a comfortable journey.


  1. How costly is traveling in East India?

Traveling to this zone of India is not at all costly until and unless you are planning a luxurious 5-star hotel.

  1. Is Jharkhand a safe place to travel?

Yes. With the recent development, many places in Jharkhand are safe to travel. The famous tourist spots in the state are protected. Avoid traveling to the tribal villages of the Jharkhand as that can be risky.

  1. How is the flight facility in India?

The flight facility is excellent as all the state consists of International Airport.

  1. What to wear while traveling to the East of India?

Keep your body covered and wear decent clothes as the culture of India is quite conservative.

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