8 Foods You Should Never Eat Before You Fly

What you eat directly impacts your body and brain. So be very specific about the food you eat before or in the flight. Experts also say that what you eat before or during the flight impacts how you feel during and after the flight. So avoid these food disasters while boarding in a flight to India

Fried or Fast Food

Health experts always advise you to avoid fried fast food. Above 35000 feet above the ground, digestion is tough. And eating saturated fats can restrict blood flow inside your body that causes blood clotting. It leads to DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).


Alcohol! But it’s not a food technically. Yes, you are right but it is something that will impact your body. This is the reason you are advised to avoid to drink in access, it can lead to dehydration. It is not that you are prohibited to have any alcoholic drink on the airplane but you should take care of your body yourself in the flight.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Stay away from cauliflower, broccoli and cruciferous vegetables when you are travelling in the air. You might know that the airplane cabin is pressurized but it is not same on the ground. When you take off the air pressure decreases and air expands by 30 per cent in the cabin. This causes swelling in the stomach. This leads to an expansion in the small intestine and produces a blot feeling within your body.

Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages are also a contributor in blotting. So avoid beverages like soda, coke and beer. Just imagine that air bubbles in your stomach! They will expand in your stomach with pressure changes. This is surely not a comfortable feeling. Keep this thing in your mind and rather than buying a carbonated beverage go for simple water.

Sugar-Free Gum and Candy

Sugar-free gum and candies are like a boon for diabetes patients. But eating them before you fly is a bad idea. Because it contains artificial sweetener and our body is not designed to digest these kinds of things. It can cause blotting, gas and other laxative effects on your body.


The food contains garlic is delicious but you should avoid it. It will linger on your breath. The reason is that it includes a sulfuric component and whenever you inhale oxygen it will be there even after brushing your teeth. Besides that, you will not smell good and it may also bother your seatmates. So avoid everything which contains garlic inside it.

Airplane provided water

It is advised to carry your water bottle along with you rather than using airplane provided water. It is the report of a test done by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) one out of every 7 airplanes one does not meet federal standards. And there are chances that the bottle you will get from an airplane is refilled by that tank water. So keep your bottle, keep yourself hydrated and make your journey easy and healthy. Furthermore, it is only not the water but coffee and tea also that could be made of that water. So pass them also.


Avoid having beans and Legumes before you fly or in your journey. These are not easy to digest and are considered as major gas culprits. Many other types of legumes and beans contain indigestible complex sugar. So eating legumes can cause on-board blotting.

These are some food items that you should avoid to have before flying. Otherwise, you will have problems with your digestion and your long journey can be quite uncomfortable.

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