6 Hidden Gems In India To Visit Where You Can Enjoy

Do you know India has more than 100 places to visit? And it might possible that you know about only some popular places only. Sometimes unpopular places are more beautiful than the popular ones. And the beautiful thing about these places is that they are less crowded because of less popularity. But if India is the next destination on your bucket list then here is the list of top 6 hidden gems of India where you must go. Plan your trip to India now and book your flights to India  on Flydealfare. We make your journey more comfortable.

Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya

If you ask where paradise on earth is then Meghalaya is the answer to your question. And Laitmawsiang is a wonderful small village here. Meghalaya is a small state in India and it is also known as Scotland of India. The name of this place is originated from a Sanskrit word means adobe to of clouds. If you have a hunger for natural scenes then this is the best place to visit. The beauty of this place will mesmerize your heart. This is a beautiful village in Meghalaya where you can satisfy your craving for isolation. You can spend some days in this amazing place in the lap of nature.

Things to do

If you are visiting Meghalaya then you must go to see the garden of caves.

You can enjoy a walk to double-decker living Root Bridge.

You should also go to Mawphlang Sacred Forest; the forest is at a distance of one and a half hour from Laitmawsiang village.

Best time to Visit

You can visit the place throughout the year but if you want to experience heavy rainfall then you must go in August to September.

13 Arch Bridges, Kerala

This is another wonderful place in India you might not know about. So leave all the stress and anxiety behind and travel to this place. The architecture of this beautiful bridge is a structure to behold. Furthermore, the structure is constructed with rocks only. It is approximately 100 years old. This bridge is in Kerala so after seeing this bridge you can visit other nearby wonderful places in Kerala.

Things to do

You can stay in a houseboat in Kerala; it would be a wonderful experience.

Have you ever imagined yourself giving bath to an elephant? Yes, you can bath an elephant in Kerala. This is another fun activity that you can do there.

You can also have a meal in the Veli village nearby.

Best time to Visit

June to August is the best time to visit this wonderful place in India.

Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu

If you are an art lover then you must visit this hidden gem in India. This place is the best example of art and culture. Besides that, it is a historic place as well. This palace is located in the Tamil Nadu state of India. This mansion is known for its wide courtyards and spacious rooms, its wonderful paintings on the ceilings. But to visit this gorgeous place you need prior permission.

Things to do

You must visit Chettinad Palace. This is like a heritage home.

Chettinad has seven temples; you can also go there and take blessings from God. These temples are 25 Km away from the village.

This place is also famous for its buildings.

Best time to Visit

October to March is the best time to visit this wonderful mansion in India.

Arvalem Caves, Goa

You must have heard about Goa in India. But this is especially known for its beaches. You might not know about Arvalem caves in Goa. Goa is one of the ancient states of India so you can find old architecture here. Arvalem and Pandava caves are one of them. These caves are located in a village Bicholim. You can trace back 6th to 7th century in these caves. It is said that Pandavas has taken shelter in these caves during the time of their exile.

Things to do

You can visit Rudreshwar Mahadev temple near these caves.

Maruti temple is another worth going place.

If you are a nature lover then you can do sightseeing at this place.

You can also do nature photography.

Best time to Visit

September to March is the best time to explore these caves in Goa.

Jhatingri, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a famous tourist place in India. Jhatingri is another wonderful hidden tourist spot in India. You can adore the beauty of amazing Deodar and blue Pine forests here for hours. The breathtaking vistas of valleys will fill your heart with unconditional joy and happiness. This is a historic place where you can explore different ancient structures. Several palaces are constructed here.

Things to do

You can visit Diana Park near Jhatingri road.

Visit a beautiful valley Barot near Jhatingri. This is another breathtaking valley in Himachal Pradesh.

It is located 20 Km away from Jhatingri.

If you go in the winter season you can enjoy snowfall there.

Best time to Visit

April to June and November to February is the best time to explore this amazingly beautiful place.

Doodhpathri, Kashmir

You must have heard about Kashmir but you may unaware of Doodhpathri. This place is located 42 Kilometers away from Sri-Nagar. This place is known as the unexplored jewel of Kashmir. It is one of the beautiful meadows in India. You can enjoy the natural beauty and life in the mountains here.

Things to do

You can do horse riding at this place.

You can go on trekking to the nearby mountains.

You can also set a tent and spend the night under the stars.

Best time to Visit

If you want to enjoy snowfall then February is the best month to go.

On the other hand, if you want to see beautiful green sights then July to August is the best time.

These are some hidden gems of India where you must travel once in a lifetime. Because not every popular place is beautiful and not every beautiful place is popular. So keep these places in your mind while planning your trip to India.

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