8 Secret Travel Perks Your Credit Card Might Have

Are you a credit card holder? Yes! Perfect. You might be unaware of the perks that you can get after using this card. A credit card is like a boon to frequent flyers. You will get the best deals on the flights to India booking by credit cards so do not make any second choice for the payments. Get rewards points; use rewards points for the next booking and a lot more. There is a number of perks that you can have if you have a Credit Card. Have a look at these secret travel perks that you might not know about.

Lounge Access

It is the best credit card travel benefit that you will get. You will be surprised to know that you will get free access to an airport lounge. For this, you will have to opt-in for free membership and airport lounge credits. It will save your money while traveling. For this you have to log in your card benefit portal options and activate the membership. This is a freebie; you don’t have to pay for activating this facility. You will get to see every available deal on your credit card. A smart person will never miss the opportunity of opting for this free facility.

Meal Credits & Free Hotel Access

Along with the access to lounges, you will get marked cocktails and meal facilities. You can enjoy this for free while waiting for your flight. Some credit cards offer this facility to their users; American Express is one of them. This is a very common perk of hotel-branded cards. With this facility, you will also get complimentary breakfast and late check-out facilities. In this perk sometimes you also get room upgrades.

Sign Up Perks

If you are a new credit card user then you will get extra perks for sign-ups. If it is a business card then bonuses are even more. Besides that, after reaching a certain spending limit you will get more rewards points. These perks are not limited up to flight ticket bookings only. You can get advantage of these perks in hotels, lounges and purchase of other online services while you are travelling.

Travel Health Insurance

Life is uncertain and unpredictable. So travel health insurance is a very important thing. It helps in case you are on a travel trip and met with an accident or disease. You have a credit card that provides health insurance coverage; don’t worry about medical expenses in another country. You will save an unexpected amount of money. Many cards provide for unfortunate death on travel also and this amount can be up to $500000.

Lost Bag Protection

Credit cards also provide lost bag protection in case your baggage gets stolen, lost or damaged. This perks covers all the damaged caused to you because of this loss. But you should ask for the recovery firstly from the carrier (the airline in which you are flying). In this case, the card company is a secondary source.

Rental Car Coverage

Roadside rental car coverage is also included in most of the credit cards. This is the most important traveling benefit because you might need to hire a car in a different country. In case the car gets damaged while you are driving, a card company is liable to pay for all damages.

Delay and TCI Insurance

In case of your flight delay, most of the cards provide you the benefits of food, accommodation to stay and other essential items. You will get the coverage perks after a specific time. It can take time of 18 hours or more. And you have to prove that you have asked for these facilities from your carrier. If your airline does not pay for it, Credit Card Company will do. You will also get trip cancellation or interruption benefits.

Flight Ticket Perks

You will be surprised to know that booking your flights by credit card is very beneficial for you. You will get reward points on booking and you can use these points for your next booking. So don’t even think to book your travel tickets in person. Book flight tickets online by using your card.

Conclusion- You can easily travel at a cheaper price if you make use of your credit card. Sometimes you get free upgrades also.

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