Do you know: How to get Upgrade on Business Class?

Who doesn’t want to fly in business class? Usually these flights come at quite higher rates, but it is not true always. Do you know sometimes you get upgrades? Though it’s not an easy process, you don’t get option of upgrade more often. There are few tricks that can increase your chances of upgrade. So don’t just book business class flights apply these tricks and get the upgrade. If you are interested to spend little more money then there are chances of getting upgrades.

Scoring an Upgrade at Check-in 

  • Contact the reservations department

First and easiest tip to get an upgrade is to call airline reservation department before 24 hours before your flight. After that ask them politely if there any seat available for upgrade? If yes then grab the opportunity and go for the upgrade. And if they are not available then when will they start releasing for upgrade?

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  • Check in at least 2 hours before your flight

You might have heard the idiom “the early bird catches the worm”. Always come at least two hours before your take-off. In this way you will get more time to interact with check-in agent and you will get the proper attention. Now you can ask him to upgrade if there any? There are chances of getting upgrade.

  • Volunteer to take a later flight if the plane is overbooked

Sometimes airlines do over-booking to compensate no show-ups. But in case all the passengers show-up plane gets over booked. In this case scenarios tell the travel agent that you are happy to exchange the seat for upgrade. Ask politely to the gate agent that are you looking for volunteer to take next flights? If yes then is there any chance of getting an upgrade? If they say yes then what would be better than that.  We know that delay or being late is quite annoying and inconvenient but when you are getting an upgrade then it is better to wait.

  • Ask for an upgrade if you’ve been inconvenienced

If you are not satisfied with your seat or you find any discrepancy in your seat like your seat is broken, seat belt is broken or seats are not reclining properly then tell them. Call them politely and tell them about the problem. Ask is there any chance to get another seat in exchange? If the plane is booked fully then ask them for an upgrade. In this case you can get a free upgrade. The chances are quite rare but if you get stuck in this kind of situation don’t hesitate to take its leverage.

Purchasing a Discounted Upgrade

  • Look for flash sales on business class tickets

On some occasions airlines offer discount. Sometimes these offers make their rates even less than economy class. Usually these sales available only for few hours and not publicized so well. So you have to keep an eye on the website of airline. Either set an alert on the website or check the airline website at least once in a day.

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  • Bid on an upgrade through plus Grade

Airlines also provide bidding facility for an upgrade. You just have to log in your airline’s website and just check for the upgrade if there any. There you can offer the bid at the difference of 20% to 40%. In this case if you want to win you need to bid a competitive amount in your bid.

For example if you are travelling in economy class of worth $ 400 and the cost of business class is $ 1400. The difference in the cost of two is $1000. In this case you should bid at least for $200 to $400 to win. You can get upgrade in this way easily.

  • Check if you can purchase an upgrade at a discounted rate at check-in

You can also ask the check-in agent about the available upgrades. It is more of a gamble game. What can you do at first is check airlines website before going to the airport. There can be some available upgrades. If not then don’t accept your defeat, ask the gate agent to is there any upgrade available? If you are lucky enough there are chances of getting an upgrade.

  • Fly in the middle of the weekdays

If you want to get an upgrade try to book your tickets on less busy days. Mondays are generally quite busy days for working people. Most of the business meets are booked on these days. So there are less chances of availability of upgrades in business class flights on these days. Try to book tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These days shows highest price drop in business class ticket rates.

  • Book a premium economy ticket instead of basic economy

When you book economy class tickets then you get two options:

Basic economy class

Premium economy class

Premium economy class offers better amenities than the basic economy class and the customers with premium bookings generally get little more leg room to get upgrade. Some airlines provide upgrades only to the premium economy class customers. So always go for premium economy class if you are waiting for an upgrade.

  • Fly with the same airline to collect frequent flier miles

Try to fly with the same airline always because airlines generally provide upgrades to their loyal customers.

When you fly frequently then try to book tickets from the same airline and also sign up for loyalty programs. In this way also there are chances of getting upgrade easily.


1 Is it pocket-friendly to upgrade to business class at the airport?

Not always. It depends on the type of ticket, airlines and availability. Some carriers allow upgrade options with any airline ticket class, and others allow higher-fare tickets to be upgraded. In case you buy a cheap ticket, you may not be eligible for an upgrade in most airlines. So before buying a ticket with an intention to get it upgraded later check the rules and regulations.

2 Can I upgrade to business class with points?

Yes. Upgrading with miles involves redeeming your frequent flyer miles for the next class service upgrade on your tickets. (i.e. from business to first or economy to business class or from business to first). As airlines move towards a more revenue-based model for money making and redeeming miles, They are ready to accept miles in instead of cash payment on all services including ticket upgrades and lounge access as well.

3 Is upgrading to business class in Qatar airways possible?

Yes, Qatar airways generates Qpoints on every time you fly with the airline or the partner airline. You can always call the customer service at Qatar or ask them at the airport to check your Qsmiles and upgrade it accordingly.

4 Can business class bring guests to the lounge?

This is rare. Only if you are a first class ticket holder or you have a powerful flyer status with the particular airline you are allowed to bring your guests to the longue.

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