Travel Tips: Where to Save & Splurge while Traveling India?

India is a vibrant city with stunning spots to wander with your buddies. It is impossible to visit all popular places in a single trip but you can make a list of top-notch places for each trip. Travel savvies love to spend money on a vacation and others just try to save. It’s not wrong to splurge while satisfying wanderlust but, it doesn’t mean to spend uselessly. Save as much as you can and don’t shy about that.

Here’s the Save & Splurge list that can be helpful while you travel. It will give you an idea about where you need to spend and on which things you can save your money.

Splurge on the following things:

To create some treasuring memories one must have to put great value on their trip.

1, Spend on Health: Everyone wants to roam around India but, don’t have the right way. It is necessary to travel in the right way if you don’t want to get sick and scammed by others. It matters a lot that what kind of food and water you are having in India. Try to avoid street food and water and prevent sickness. Spend money in good eateries and beverages if you want to travel healthier. Avoid raw food, the juice from the open areas.

2, Better Hotel Experience: Travel starts from the place where you are living. A good sleep before the journey is necessary to stay refreshed. Your accommodation matters because it’s the place where you start your day. Your hotel room must be neat and clean from where you gain the positive vibes for the whole day. Try to book a mid-range of the hotel with the luxury room having a clean sheet and washrooms.

3, Hire a Guide: If it’s your first time in India then you must hire a guide who won’t rip you off. You will find there lots of guides who are always ready to provide you complete information on the places and temples. Get some idea of price rate before hiring any guide because many will ask you a high amount of money so be smart and don’t get cheated by anyone.

Save in the following things:

People think there is no fun in budget traveling because it doesn’t give you real travel experience. But, it is a wrong prediction; one can have full fun and enjoy while traveling in the budget.

1, Travel in Budget: Air journeys are expensive but you have to book flights to India to save time for discovering new places. Travel is the pursuit of happiness that makes you feel alive and joyful. You can even cut the expense if you book from travel agents who provide flight ticket deals to India at discounted rates. This can help a lot in saving your money. This saved money can be utilized in any other expense such as accommodation, shopping, and food.

2, Packing can be helpful: It is not necessary to pick all your favorite dresses and shoes. It is advised to travel in comfortable clothes. Pack according to the journey days and avoid extra clothing. If you pack more than the airline baggage allowance of weight limit then you have to pay extra for that which is useless. So, keep in mind that you have to move only with limited stuff that can be useful for the whole journey.

3, Don’t forget to Bargain: In India one of the most necessary talents is bargaining. So, if you are traveling here then make sure you bargain with the auto and shopkeeper. If you don’t have any idea then ask some local befriend or compare the prices of different vendors. It needs some essential skills but you can try out to negotiate.

Before going for the vacation keep in mind that where it is necessary to spend money and where you should save. So that you have to save next 6 months before you make new travel plan. Further, one can also make your journey easier if you book a business class flight that gives you a complete luxurious feel. It helps in reaching refreshed in the destination and save energy for wandering in different spots.

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