Ways To Book Business Class Tickets At A Discounted Price

These days it has become quite difficult to fly in an airplane’s business class without shelling out some additional money. If you wish to fly in first class or business class seats without burning a hole in your pocket then you need to read the following tips.

Which One To Go For Business or First Class?

If you’re thinking about choosing between first class and business class but don’t know the difference between them, then the answer is quite simple. It depends on the route, the airline and the particular airplane. For some airlines, first class is usually a notch above business class seating. On the other hand, for some airlines there is hardly any difference.

In case of international flights, first class customers are offered single seating with no one next to them, better service, quality of food and drinks is higher, and they get access to some really exclusive lounges at the airport.

It is a proven fact that the price of first class seats can be quite high. A first class ticket could cost you heavily and may mean thousands or even tens of thousands of bucks in addition. This additional price can get you an exclusive suite as well as exclusive services on a plane.

Even though prices of first class tickets can be quite high, they usually don’t make sense in case business class seating is available as the services are mostly the same.

These Are The Ways That Can Help You Get Cost Effective Seating

//– When booking business class or first class seats on an airplane, there are certain proven ways that have been known to be cost effective and help you save money.

//– Don’t opt for business class booking.Even though the price of a business class ticket can be several times higher than that of a normal ticket, the services aren’t as good when comparing the prices. Booking a business class or a first class ticket online may cost several times higher and getting them while at a counter can turn out to be cheaper as compared to online prices.

//– Try to get an upgrade. Airlines usually give you an option to upgrade to a business class or a first class seating at the time of getting the boarding pass. This is when you can choose to get a business class or a first class ticket at a cheaper price.

//– Use any coupons or offers that you might have. Several airlines offer loyalty programs or give you points on frequent travelling that can be used for your next ticket purchase. Make sure that you use these points and don’t let them expire. If you have any coupons or discounts, use them right away.

//– Use your Credit Cards or Airline cards. A lot of credit cards offer travel rewards and a lot of elite travel cards offer additional perks. Cards like as American Express Platinum etc. and some of the airline branded credit cards offer a lot of bonuses and big discounts in case you sign up and spend a certain amount on travelling within a particular span of time. Use these offers and avail most of the benefits.

//– Use the Points that are offered by airlines.A lot of travel websites are nowadays allowing customers to buy and sell points that can be used for booking tickets or packages, but it isn’t a great idea and is a sheer waste since most of the top airlines don’t allow it, and you may end up losing rather than gaining.

What you can do in such a case is that you can purchase such points directly from the airline. They usually cost a particular amount and can be used for buying business class tickets of that airline at a discount.

//– Get a business class ticket for a weekend date.This is because most of the business class travellers do not travel on weekends and usually are travelling on weekdays. This is why one doesn’t see as many business class flyers on Saturdays and Sundays. This comes as a boon for those who want to book business class tickets as they are all for grabs.

//– Watch out for that vacant Seat. In case you have your coach seat which is towards the front side of the plane and you see a vacant business class seat, then you can simply ask the flight attendant for moving you to the same. It shouldn’t be a problem for most flight attendants and a simple conversation can help you get a business class seat for free.

The Bottom Line

It’s usually not an easy task to get cheap flight tickets and getting an upgrade is usually a great idea. In case you don’t get an upgrade, you should wait for the prices to come down and can book online. Try to book business class tickets online from a reputed flight booking service provider that offers discounts on business class tickets and can help you get a discount.

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