Southwest Launches new credit card offering 65,000-point bonus opportunity!

When paying for their flights, frequent flyers on Southwest will now have a new option.

On Thursday, Southwest Airlines and Chase JPM announced a new credit card, which is the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card.

This comes in addition to the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

Compared to the 40,000 the other Chase Southwest cards offer, the new Priority card has an opening offer of 65,000 points.

Compared to the fee for the Plus card and for the Premier card, it also has a higher annual fee. Chase and Southwest will be facing competition from many other travel cards on the market, which increasingly will be having no annual fee.                                                                                            

The card comes with several perks:

  • A Southwest travel credit of $75 annually.
  • 20% cashback on in-flight purchases which includes Wi-Fi, movies drinks and messages.
  • Per year up to four upgraded boardings.
  • Free 7500 points on the anniversary of owning the card.

For travelers who don’t want to fly with just one airline, these types of travel credit cards can be limited according to Matt Schulz, who is the chief industry analyst at

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