Browse Cheap Flight Tickets To India Of Low-Cost Airlines Without Paying Extra Fee!

In the past few years, cheap flight tickets to India have made quite splash especially with decreasing prices from the United States to India. Both domestic and international carriers like WOW Air, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and more are one of those airlines. And, travelers wait to see how cheap they can fly to their next destination. Booking of low-cost airlines can save money on base fares, but additional fees may apply.

  • Baggage Fees

The most universal extra fee is the checked bag fee. Many airlines charge additional baggage fees even if they are not “low-cost.” While most low-cost carriers charge per bag and per flight, some will also charge different prices for a direct flight versus a connecting flight. When you are calculating flight costs, remember to tack the base fare if you plan to check a bag. Avoiding baggage fees is not impossible, but depending on the length of your trip, you may need to make some sacrifices. If you are traveling for a quick business trip or a weekend getaway, you just pack a carry-on so that you do not need to pay a checked bag fee. For longer trips, you need to check a bag and pay extra money. Make sure you factor this in when determining which airline to book.

  • Selection Of Seat

You should know and sure about where you like to sit on a plane, when you are flying in economy class, which is definitely a window seat. So, choose the seat at the time of booking but extra charges may apply. But, if you are traveling alone, or you are sure about where you are going to sit, this you can avoid paying this added fee. At the time of check-in, some airlines provide the seat. Others, like Southwest, will assign you a boarding zone, and seats are decided first come, first serve.

  • In-flight Meals

Whether you have a long-haul flight or a number of connecting ones, the airline will offer you complimentary services on beverages and food. If you are flying low-cost airlines, then you have to pay for the in-flight meal. The same will happen with snacks and beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

So if you want to avoid these extra fees, then plan ahead by packing snacks in your carry-on or purchasing a meal in the terminal during your layover. You also have to bring the empty water bottle with you, and fill it in the terminal before boarding to save on beverage costs.

  • In-Flight Entertainment & Extras

Some low-cost airlines provide in-flight entertainment services free of charge but some will require you to pay to enjoy the services on seat like watch a movie on the seatback screen; use an iPad or comparable mobile device, enjoy a movie or music for the duration of your flight.

You have to do some research to avoid this unplanned cost. First, check to see if the airline offers free in-flight entertainment. Also, check to ensure the electronics travel ban does not impact the airline you are flying. If your airline does not offer in-flight entertainment but allows carrying a device, then plan ahead to bring what you need to spend your time.

There are some low-cost airlines that will charge you for in-flight amenities like pillows, blankets or headsets. To avoid these fees, bring your own travel pillow, stow a blanket or scarf in your carry-on and grab the headphones to bring with you on the flight. Keep in mind the low cost you see on your website newsfeed are really just the cost to get you from point A to B, and any additional service or accommodation will be an extra cost. So, planning ahead and save hundreds in airline fees.

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