Cheap Flight Deals To India With 3 Best Airlines For Students!

When we talk about air travel, there are certain special rules for the passengers who come under certain categories. It includes traveling infants, pets, unauthorized minor, students, etc. But to enjoy extra benefits, you need to fulfill all the requirements as mentioned by the specific airline.

Talking about students as air travelers, they do enjoy some special allowances and discounts. Here we are discussing the 3 best airlines to avail cheap flight deals to India.


To be eligible for Air India student concession, one needs to be enrolled in a full-time course of the minimum duration of one year in India. The age limit for the same is from 12 to 25 years. Coming to discounts, you can enjoy 50% on the basic fare in the economy class. To avail the discount, the student has to book a flight at least 1 week before the journey date. For cancellations and changes, the additional fee might be applicable.


Talking about the airfare concession for students on Jet Airways, you can enjoy an overall 8% discount on the basic fare. Students need to show their valid identity proof while checking in order to avail the discount. The age limit attached to the same is more than 5 years. You can get this student discount on domestic and international jet airways flights. The tickets must be bought at least 15 days prior to journey date. All you need to do is to carry a valid id and you are ready to avail the necessary benefits.


While traveling in the flights of Vistara Airlines, students can enjoy up to 10% discount on the economy class flight. The age limit for the same is more than 12 years. And you can also enjoy free baggage allowance till 15 kg luggage and in hand luggage of 7 kg. For that, you need to do the bookings at the online website of Vistara. Just carry a valid student id card at the time of check-in and enjoy student discount in flight ticket.


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