American Airlines Will Impose New Scanning Technology At New York’s JFK Airport!

Starting at the end of July, American Airlines has announced that it will implement new scanning technology at New York’s JFK Terminal 8. The airline is working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and together will implement 3D scanning of carry-on luggage to help enhance security and speed up the screening process.

The airline will introduce CT scan machines. Through these machines the airline allows TSA screeners to see contents of the baggage with a three-dimensional view. The screeners can also see the objects in baggage with the view of 360 degrees so that they can get a better look at the contents in the carry-on bags.

American Airlines has stated that this technology significantly improves security and also speeds up the security process. Travelers will be able to leave many more things in their bags before scanning. It will also enhance the travel experience. American Airlines already has been testing this technology out at the Phoenix and Boston airports.

The airline has not revealed how successful the tests have been in the other two airports. But, it is assumed that they are going very well if the airline is going to implement a test in one of its busiest hubs. The airline and TSA have both stated that they hope to get this technology in all airports around the world to enhance security and improve travel times.

American Airlines has not stated how long the test will run at the JFK airport or if it will conduct additional tests before making these security scans a permanent service.

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