TSA Placed New Restrictions On Powders In Carry-On Luggage!

An announcement made by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in order to limit the size of powders in carry-on bags of travelers entering the United States.

New Restrictions On Powders In Carry-on Luggage:

  • Powdered substances like makeup, protein shake mixes, or baby powder will need to be packed in containers smaller than 12 ounces (350 ml), or about the size of a soda can.
  • The new powder policy goes into effect on June 30.
  • Placed into your checked baggage if you need to carry larger amounts of a powdered substance.
  • The new regulations now apply to all international flights departing from or arriving at the United States.
  • TSA has stated that overpacking carry-on luggage with unnecessary items is slowing security checks as people have to unpack their bags for further checking.

All powdered substances in excess of 12 ounces will be subjected to additional scrutiny. The agency has already implemented this policy on all domestic flights.

The TSA stated that all travelers must carry powdered items like baby formula, baby powder, makeup and spices pack the majority of their product(s) into their checked bags and only carry on the minimal amount necessary for the flight.

The new policy has come about after different issues have arisen over potentially dangerous powdered goods being taken on board airplanes. Fentanyl and pepper powder can harm passengers if released, and some powders can be used to construct explosive devices.

The TSA publishes all their requirements for powders, liquids, gels and other consumables that can be taken onto a plane on their website. Travelers are encouraged to review the continually updated list prior to traveling so that they can minimize the chances of delays at the security checkpoints prior to boarding their flights.

The government agency has stated that they have asked all foreign airports that service non-stop flights to the United States to also implement this new requirement on all of their flights.

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