Air India Unveiled Its New Maharaja Business Class Products On International Flights!

Recently, Air India unveiled its brand new Maharaja Business Class seating product. The new Maharaja Business Class seats will be implemented on all of Air India’s Boeing 777 and 787 planes.

These jets are used for both their long- and short-haul international flights. The airline is trying to improve its international flight offerings because they currently only maintain about 17 percent of the current market share of international flights.

Available Features:

  • The refreshed premium cabin product will include new upgraded seating arrangements and upholstery.
  • Better amenities for passengers
  • New travel kits as well as new uniforms for the flight crew.
  • A new variety of cuisine choices is also available.

Air India has been struggling with making a profit for several years, and the government previously announced that it would stop funding the airline. Now, in a turnaround position, the government has withdrawn its statement and will continue to fund the airline at least for the time being.

Previously, the government had placed its stake in the airline up for sale. That sale, however, was a failure, and the government has since decided that it would instead invest into making the airline more desirable to passengers.

Air India hopes that its refreshed product will help the airline build a better image. The carrier has been working very hard to change its business strategy in a bid to become a more successful airline. These major changes are its first steps toward rebuilding the airline.

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