Do You Know The Top ‘5’ Airlines Offering Special Senior Citizen Discounts?

Booking of tickets can be a tricky task if you are not in contact with a proper travel agent or in case, you don’t have enough knowledge regarding the same. Passengers must notice a lot of factors before booking tickets. Especially, the special discount offers for specific passengers like students, senior citizens, pregnant mothers, infants, etc.

Currently, many airlines are offering senior citizen discounts on flight tickets. Here we are discussing the 5 best airlines offering the special senior citizen flight concession, including its eligibility criteria, amount of discounts and the basic requirements.


When it comes to India’s best airlines, Air India does deserve the top place in that list. Hence the airline offers a number of exciting deals for the passengers along with some special discounts to students, senior citizens, handicapped travelers, pregnant mothers, infants and others. Talking about the senior citizens, the airline offers a whopping 50% off on the base fare of the tickets. It won’t be wrong to say that Air India senior citizen concession is perhaps the best of the lot.

  • Discount Offered: 50% off on the base fare
  • Age restriction: 63 years and above
  • Requirements: Photo ID Proof

This offer is valid on the economy class fare only. The senior citizens are required to carry their photo identification proof with them at the time of boarding. Along with that, there is also the age restriction attached to it i.e. of 63 years and above are considered as senior citizens. Before booking Air India senior citizen ticket, you must be aware of the fact that you need to be the permanent resident of India, that means he or she must hold the Indian nationality.

A month ago, Air India has announced 50% discount for students, army personnel, and senior citizens. This will take place with effect from 1st of September.


The next airline in the list is the Qatar Airline, which is also selected as best airline by the leading consumer aviation website, Skytrax is out for the year 2017.

  • Discount Offered: 15% off on the base fare
  • Age restriction:  65 years and above

The airline always takes initiatives for the comfort and convenience of its passengers plus the reasonable rates. Passengers can enjoy the 15% senior citizen discounts on Qatar airlines’ flights. The age limit attached to avail this discount is 65 years

senior citizens Table1

‘Jetlite’ from Jet Airways offers a 50% discount on tickets in case it is booked by senior citizens.

  • Discount Offered: 50% off on the base fare
  • Age restriction: 60 years and above
  • Documents Required: Photo ID and Address Proof

A 60 years old citizen can book tickets and avail the discount. He or she must carry the required documents such as photo ID and address proof. Numerous passengers preferred this facility of Jet Airways due to cheaper fares and satisfactory customer service. Following are the other important points in order to avail senior citizen concession:

  • This thing is applicable on flights within India which are operated by Jet Airways.
  • Tickets must be purchased before 15 days of departure.
  • Passengers need to know that the inventory offered on such fares is limited.
  • Normal baggage allowances will be applicable.
  • A valid Identity Card with proof of age is mandatory for travel under this scheme.

Being India’s largest airline, IndiGo Airlines offer an 8% discount on base fare.

  • Discount Offered: 8% off on the base fare
  • Age restriction: 60 years and above
  • Documents Required: Date of Birth proof needs to be provided at the time of check-in.

IndiGo is one of the most successful budget carriers of India. To be eligible to avail the discount, the passengers are required to be above 60 years of age. On time arrival and take off, reasonable fares have made this airline, one of the top picks in its category. Following are the other important stuff you need to know regarding IndiGo senior citizen discount.

  • This scheme is valid for domestic flights.
  • Check-in baggage allowance: 15 kg
  • Hand baggage allowance: 7 kg
  • This discount is applicable for bookings made till 31 December 2017.
  • Senior citizen discount is applicable for all domestic flights.
  • Senior citizen discount is applicable on one-way as well as round-trip bookings.
  • Tickets booked under the scheme are non-transferable.
  • Web Check-in is not allowed for all the Senior citizen Discount bookings.

SpiceJet is one of the most loved airlines by the passengers in regards to the offering of senior citizen discount.

  • Discount Offered: 8% discount on Base Fare only
  • Age restriction: 60 years and above
  • Documents Required: Photo ID Proof, Valid ID Card

Passengers of the SpiceJet airlines offer a discounted special price for senior citizens in the form of 8% off on the base fare. This offer is applicable to all domestic flights and for a one-way trip as well as round way one. Following are the other important details regarding the same:

  • The booking and travel period should be on or before 31st March
  • This scheme is valid for both one-way as well as round-trip bookings.
  • This scheme is applicable on flights within India.
  • You can do the necessary changes in the bookings made under the Scheme and also apply for the refund.
  • The passengers need to carry a valid ID Card for identification.
  • Web Check-in is not allowed for bookings made under this Scheme.

There are some other airlines which also provide a good sort of discount for senior citizens. This includes:

Etihad Airways: The airline is known for its premium suites, luxury business class and wonderful economy class. The airline offers coupons at amazing prices. If you are booking tickets online, then you can easily book tickets to international destinations from major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and more.

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