Which Are The Best Economy Class Airlines For Passengers?

One of the few things which the travelers don’t like about the airlines is the poor quality services and facilities which they get in the economy class. Less legroom space, few options in food and other eatables, improper entertainment options, etc. are the few points which may lead to this mindset.

Nowadays, airlines are performing better to beat the competition and defeat their rivals. And improvements in the quality of economy classes are the best way to do so. Many airlines are offering better than the other and taking great efforts to make traveling exception for the economy class traveler as it is for first or business class passenger.

Now the question arises, how one could get aware of that airline which imparts best economy class experience. Well, here we have created the list of TOP 5 airlines which is offering comfortable seating, reasonable luggage allowance, great onboard entertainment facilities and much more.

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Asiana Airline is one of the members of Star Alliance and has successfully earned the five-star ratings. The best feature of this airline is that it offers excellent in-flight products and service in all the cabin classes; YES including the economy class!

  • Features You Can Enjoy In Asiana Airlines Economy:

Asiana economy class

The seat pitch in the economy class is 31 to 32 inch which supports the recline of 108 degrees. The airline offers blankets, pillows, and slippers to the economy class passengers on long-haul flights. In addition to that, you can also avail eye patches, ear plugs, stationery, letter sets and the basic medical kit too. In case, the passenger has a layover in Seoul, there are a number of free city tours being organized by the Incheon International Airport. Moreover, the specific airline has also earned 6 out of 7 points on Safety rating.


Qatar Airways is being selected as the best airline by Skytrax for the year 2017. So it truly deserves a spot in this listing. As the airline is known for its exquisite onboard services in all cabin classes which make it comfortable for the economy passengers to get the glimpse of perfect traveling.

qatar economy class

  • Features You Can Enjoy In Qatar Airways:

Whether it is an Economy class or premium economy class, passengers traveling on the Qatar Airways can enjoy facilities like the laptop power outlets, USB plugs, and personal telephone & Wi-Fi services etc. There is also the availability of fresh pillows, blankets, hot towels and amenity kit in the Qatar Economy Class. For passengers with 8 to 48 hours of layover, there are extra benefits like free visa, discounted hotel, etc. And one with layovers of 8-24 hours, there is the availability of complimentary accommodation service and complimentary city tours too.

Talking about the fleet, the airline is among the youngest and most modern fleets which support the widest and most spacious air seats of 18.9 inches and for coach passengers, it is between 32 and 34 inches of legroom.


The airline is the member of the Star Alliance. It is one of the few airlines that fly to all the six inhabited continents. Talking about the Economy Class Airline, the seats of this carrier are designed to give more personal space to the passengers so that they can enjoy their delightful journey without compromising.

  • Features You Can Enjoy In Singapore Airlines:

singapore economy class

Singapore economy class offers over 1,000 entertainment options such as movies, television programs, music, games and apps and all these on a 10.6-inch wide LCD screen. On some of the selected flights, passengers can even enjoy the free internet connectivity and stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues as well as can send text and multimedia messages to them anytime.

Along with that, Singapore Airlines has also made its place in the list of top ‘5’ airlines that offer the best food to economy passengers.


Cathay Pacific operates flights to more than 170 destinations and provides its services to around 42 countries within Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. The level of service they provided to their passengers makes the real difference.

Cathay economy class

  • Features You Can Enjoy In Cathay Pacific:

The seat of the airline supports the cradle mechanism due to which the passengers can enjoy a 6” recline and the headrest with side wings can be adjusted to provide maximum support for your head and neck. Another amazing feature of Cathay Pacific economy class is that it has a perfect culinary team which offers healthy meals with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also the availability of multiple wines and beverages to accompany your meal on your economy class flight.


Being awarded as the World’s Best Airline more than once, Emirates flights offer impeccable comfort and facilities to the economy class cabin’s passengers. The airline is known for its one of the youngest fleets in the world i.e. 6.2 years and is one of the best economy class airlines.

Emirates Economy-class

  • Features You Can Enjoy In Emirates:

Emirates economy class offers a number of exquisite onboard services such as facility of live TV, free Wi-Fi, a dedicated laptop outlet and more. In addition to these, there is also the availability of pillows, blankets and amenity kits including an eye mask, socks, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Passengers can also the complimentary accommodation service called “Dubai Connect” with forced layovers of 8-24 hours and much more.


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