Which Is The Best Premium Economy Airline For Passengers – An Overall Comparison

When it comes to air travel, there are mainly three classes of traveling i.e. Economy, Business class, and First class. But nowadays, there is the introduction of new class names Premium Economy class which offers the passengers to enjoy facilities little better than the economy class passengers but lesser than the upper classes.

Here we are discussing the characteristics of best premium economy airlines. This will make the multiple travelers decide whether to choose economy or Premium economy. Just by paying a little extra, passengers can easily enjoy better eating, seating and entertainment options. Following are the options for best premium economy 2017.

Economy Airline For Passengers Table1

Let’s discuss these airlines in little brief:

  • Luggage Benefits: Passengers are allowed to carry 35 kg of luggage which can involve a single piece at 35 kg or max 2 pieces of the total weight of 35kg. They are also permitted to carry 1 cabin bag weighing up to 7 kg.
  • Boarding Benefits: Talking about the boarding benefits, there is the existence of it before Economy Class passengers. 
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: Premium economy class passengers can enjoy additional complimentary snack choices and drinks which may include fresh fruit, energy bar plus the dessert. Along with that, the Premium Economy passengers have welcomed aboard with juice and champagne and also get a personal bottle of water for the flight. 
  • Meal options: Premium Economy passengers can enjoy an enhanced onboard meal selection.
  • Other Benefits: There are a number of other benefits which the premium economy class passengers can enjoy on a Cathay Pacific flight. It may include stuff like brand new entertainment system, environmentally-friendly amenity kit, noise-cancelling headsets, Wi-Fi service, ergonomically designed seats and much more.
  • Luggage Benefits: You are allowed to carry two checked bags up to 23 kg each.
  • Boarding Benefits: There is no availability of boarding benefits for the premium economy class passengers.
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: Snacks and drinks are included within all Lufthansa fares.
  • Meal options: The passengers are served with porcelain tableware along with a welcome drink and a small treat after the meal.
  • Other Benefits: There is the availability of larger monitor, additional storage space on and around seats and much more.
  • Luggage Benefits: Premium economy passengers are allowed to carry 40 kg of luggage with them and allowance to the economy class is 30 kg.
  • Boarding Benefits: In selected international ports, there is the availability of dedicated priority check-in counters and priority access to a dedicated boarding lane.
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: Yes, there is the availability of onboard drinks like soft drinks, juices, water, wines and spirits and yes there is also the availability of multiple snack options.
  • Meal options: You can choose from Rockpool inspired International Premium Economy menu and much more from the contemporary menu inspired by leading Australian restaurateur Neil Perry.
  • Other Benefits: You can enjoy power outlets and USB connectivity, multi-way adjustable headrest, integrated leg rest, and Panasonic in-flight entertainment seatback screens and much more.
  • Luggage Benefits: Passengers can carry two items of 20 kg (checked luggage plus hand luggage).
  • Boarding Benefits: Premium economy class passengers can enjoy priority regarding check in desk activities and fast track security.
  • Free Snacks: Yes, you can enjoy fully complimentary drinks along with the two premium meals.
  • Meal options: There is availability of two premium meals from a separate menu which are included in long haul flights.
  • Other Benefits: Complimentary lounge access, USB charger, blankets and headphones provided, plus free seat reservation.
  • Luggage Benefits: Singapore Airlines offer baggage allowance of 35 kg.
  • Boarding Benefits: The boarding benefits include priority check-in, bag tagging, and priority boarding is there for all Premium Economy customers. 
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: There is the availability of snacks on board which is complimentary and includes stuff like crisps and chocolate, sandwiches and fruits. Talking about the drinks on board, these are complimentary in both the economy and premium economy cabins. 
  • Meal options: Customers can select from the new Premium Economy Book the Cook meal pre-order service and dishes must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. 
  • Other Benefits: Enhanced in-flight entertainment experience, noise-cancelling headphones, amenity kits, and a large 13.3-inch full HD monitor.
  • Luggage Benefits: Premium Economy class passengers are allowed to carry check-in 2 x 23 kg and carry-on 18 kg which include 2 items plus 1 accessory.
  • Boarding Benefits: At selected airports, priority from check-in all the way to boarding with security fast-track is there.
  • Free Snacks: A wide range of snacks are available throughout the flight which includes a self-service buffet on longer flights and there are also alcoholic/non-alcoholic aperitifs, followed by wine and Champagne for the premium economy class passengers.
  • Meal options: On flights longer than 8 hours, there is meal service with a second hot dish and a new gourmet offer. 
  • Other Benefits: Wide HD touch screen, noise-cancelling headphones, power outlet, reading lamp, travel kit (including toothbrush, socks, and eye mask), soft wool blanket, a feather pillow and blanket and a lot more.
All Nippon Airways:
  • Luggage Benefits: Passengers are allowed to carry 46 kg of checked-in luggage in total.
  • Boarding Benefits: Availability of priority check-in and luggage handling. 
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: Yes, passengers can enjoy meals accompanied by Business Class wines for premium economy class passengers. Coming to snacks, there are options like soup and mini ramen noodles always available between meals to the travelers.
  • Meal options: Premium Economy passengers are served with the same meals as in economy but they can easily enjoy the glance of Business Class desserts.
  • Other Benefits: A universal power port, large-size tables and personal reading light along with the Sony noise-cancelling headphones and Extra amenities (including plush slippers, toothbrush and more).
  • Luggage Benefits: Premium Economy class travelers can carry two suitcases up to 23 kg each along with a priority luggage reclaim.
  • Boarding Benefits: Passengers can enjoy priority boarding after Upper Class customers (First class and Business).
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: All snacks and meals are free according the Virgin Atlantic premium economy menu. 
  • Meal options: Passengers can enjoy a divine menu offering food on china with stainless steel cutlery and there is also the choice of three entrees which includes a vegetarian option too.
  • Other Benefits: The best benefit is that the Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy offers a complete separate cabin with the dedicated crew to the passengers.
  • Luggage Benefits: Passengers can enjoy free baggage allowance of two checked bags up to 23 kg (51lb) each.
  • Boarding Benefits: There are no such benefits for the passengers of premium economy British Airways.
  • Free Snacks & Drinks: All drinks such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic are free. And snacks are also free in World Traveller Plus in all the cabins on long-haul flights. 
  • Meal options: The World Traveller Plus customers can enjoy a three-course meal with options from the business class menu as well as a full complimentary bar service. 
  • Other Benefits: Benefits like noise-cancelling headphones, personal in-seat power sockets, a blanket, amenity kit along with the hot towel service.