Top ‘5’ Airlines That Offering The Best Food To Economy Passengers!

When it comes to experiencing good and delicious food in an airline, all of us just think about the first class or the business class. Passengers generally don’t have a very good opinion on the food being served on planes to economy class. All variety of premium wines and liquors are just for the passengers paying more and the economy class travelers just are neglected.

But nowadays, the scene is quite different. Several top airlines are putting a lot of effort to build an optimum customer base. They are trying hard to perform better than their competitors and in regards to that, the airlines are offering a good variety as well as the quality of food in planes to passengers whether it is a first class, business class or an economy passenger.

Coming to the food being present in different airlines, here is the list of top five airlines which are aiming to make eating in the economy a not-so-average experience.


The airline is marking new-new spots by delivering the best to the passengers. Singapore Airlines is known for serving generous portions of sumptuous and flavorful food in economy. Leaving the two entree choices, passengers can enjoy an additional “Deliciously Wholesome” menu of healthful dishes which includes the most famous quinoa with ratatouille and Oriental-style steamed fish. In addition to that, passengers can also have the glimpse of the legendary Singapore Sling cocktail which is made up of gin and pineapple juice.


When we think of the French cuisine, good food and wine strike our minds. In a flight of Air France, all kinds of meals begin with a glass of champagne with the salted biscuits. In addition to these, passengers can also enjoy eating chicken in a spicy sauce with baby vegetables which is usually accompanied by a wedge of Camembert cheese. Between the meals, passengers to some of the routes can also enjoy snack carts full of pastries, French chocolates and ice creams on it.


If you are traveling in a Switzerland-based airline, then you can easily find the next level to the food which the carrier presents to its passengers. There is a huge variety available to the economy class passengers that include the ravishing Swiss food and beverage items like chocolate bars, beers & wines. To passengers on flights originating in Switzerland, the carrier collaborates with Hiltl which is a renowned Zurich vegetarian restaurant and offers a wide range of meatless meals such as Thai massaman vegetable curry and more. Along with that, the passengers with gluten and dairy allergies can also enjoy the stuff like the lactose-free chocolate bars, coffee creamer and gluten-free candy bars and cakes.


Who doesn’t want to experience the authentic Turkish cuisine and while traveling on a flight of Turkish Airline, economy class passengers are offered with an extensive variety of food items. Multiple passengers can enhance their taste buds with a variety of eatables like the Turkish olive oil and butter with a different Turkish spice each month along with the bread. Talking about the main course, you can avail dishes like ‘shish kebabs’ or ‘eggplant stuffed with ground meat’. Turkey is famous for its sweets such as sultac i.e. a Turkish rice pudding with freshly brewed Turkish tea cap off all meals is just what a passenger want on a long haul flight. You will also get a number of alcohol options that includes liquors from premium international brands as well as of Turkish wines and liquors.


When it comes to best airline for on-time flights in the US, then your expectations are just high. Well, in any if the Delta flight, the economy passengers don’t need to fly internationally in order to avail Delta’s improved in-flight food. The carrier is offering free meals on its longest domestic flights. This includes the service between JKF International Airport in New York and Los Angeles International Airport too.

Passengers have the three options to select from that is each for breakfast and lunch. You can pick from the options like a fruit and cheese plate with cheese or a whole grain veggie wrap. There is the availability of snacks from brands like Kind bars and Squirrel Brand almonds. Delta has set a most attractive culinary program on the international routes by doing partnerships with well-known chefs.

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