Book Business Class Flights With Best Suites Offered By Various Airlines!

Are you wanted to travel in style with business class flights? Whatever your requirements, but there are some selected flight services, which offer the extras of luxury travel at a great price. Whether you want to relax, sleep, or in a productive mood, you can find everything in business class flights for a pleasant journey.

When it comes to booking a business class tickets  or flying for a long-haul flight, consider the price. But, these airlines offer extra assistance, attentive onboard service, fully flat bed, & desirable angled recline.

Or, when it comes to sleeping in the sky, airlines give privacy, space & mattress pads to their business class flyers. A quality in-flight snooze brings the energy to do the work with a clear mind. Here are 6 of the best business class seats  which offer the best services to passengers so book business class flights  with the amazing deals to make your journey more pleasant.

Qatar Airways: Qsuites

Qsuites of Qatar Airways () is one of the world’s best business class seats which offer the spacious & stylish sleepers with fully lie-flat double bed for sleeping comfort, movable partitions, privacy doors, extra seat width, and the ability to combine neighboring seats to turn them into the flagship double bed, beverages & cuisines, and has plenty of storage. You can choose a window seat for full privacy OR you can choose a double bed in the center section. If you are traveling as a group of four, then you can even reserve a “quad” and create a huge suite.


  • Qsuites are available on select 777s and A350s.


  • A high-tech oasis, where you can settle into unparalleled comfort, and adapt your personal space to suit your needs.
  • Offer a wide selection of beverages, on-demand menu service, OnAir mobile service, laptop power and USB plug.
  • Business Class combines luxury, spaciousness and elegant design with passenger-focused care.

Delta Airlines: Delta One Suite

Recently, Delta debuts their business class suites with doors with foam cushions, Westin hotels’ “Heavenly” bedding, and a sliding door to shut out the rest of the cabin to work or snooze in peace. The configuration is staggered, and the seats are private, spacious, and mostly well designed.


  • The Delta One Suites is available on all Delta A350s.


  • Enjoy a flight in the comfort, privacy, and exclusivity of your own Delta One suite.
  • Each seat offers a room to stretch out, entertainment with Delta Studio, comfortable seats, bedding & pillow.
  • A complimentary access to Delta Sky Club® and SkyTeam® partner lounges.
  • Seasonal selections, the freshest regionally-sourced ingredients and chef-curated meals and drinks available on featured routes.

Etihad Airways: Business Studio

Etihad’s newest business class seat is a modified staggered seat alternating closer to the aisle and the window. Seat converts into a comfortable fully flat bed of up to 6 feet and 8 inches and seat and aisle dividers offer more privacy. The airlines also offer the “honeymoon” seats in the middle of the cabin. The dual-sided blanket, large pillows and soft mood lighting for each seat aims to make passengers feel more at home.


  • This product is available on all Etihad 787s and A380s.


  • The Business Studios offer more space to work, rest and play.
  • Offers concealed storage, a meal table and a separate large side table for laptops and other personal belongings.
  • Enjoy hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment, in-flight magazine, Food & Beverages.
  • Etihad Chauffeur service is available in the UAE, operating with a full Mercedes Benz fleet.
  • Lounge access, In Abu Dhabi Terminal 3, enjoy a spa treatment in the Six Senses Spas.

JetBlue: Mint Suites

JetBlue deserves credit for introducing the first business class seat with a door, a low-cost carrier with narrow body aircraft. The JetBlue Mint cabin  is in a staggered configuration, and every other row features Mint Suites, which are available on a first come, first served basis. The cabin has a door, ample storage and is also well designed. The main downside to the seat is that the footwell, where you place your feet when sleeping.


  • This product is available on all Mint configured Airbus A321 aircraft.


  • A lie-flat bed stretching 6ft 8in and adjustable firmness and built-in massage.
  • Pillows, a plush duvet, and hipster food and beauty kits.

United Airlines: United Polaris

United introduced their new Polaris business class concept, featuring staggered seats. Every other row has “true” window seats, which are quite private, and every other row also has “honeymoon” seats in the center section. These seats are comfortable and functionally designed.


  • This product is available on all United Boeing 777-300ERs, and select 767-300s.


  • Offer soft product such as the Bloody Mary bar and blankets/pillows from Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Complimentary access to Polaris business class lounges.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines introduced their new cabins  on the A380. The cabins in the business class are beautiful, the seats are spacious, has plenty of privacy & seat controls and functions are well designed. For couples, all the pairs of center seats can turn into a double bed.


  • This product is available on select Singapore Airlines A380s.


  • Full-flat bed, larger back shell, comfort seats, etc.
  • The seats in each row are also staggered with window & the aisle.
  • Enjoy the latest KrisWorld In-flight Entertainment System (on an 18-inch high-definition touchscreen

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