Know More About Air India’s Business Class Upgrade

It is quite difficult for the economy class passengers to book a seat in an ‘Executive Class‘ i.e. business class as it will go well with their budget. But nowadays, the airlines offer a number of schemes to passengers like the frequent flyer points or the vouchers, etc.

Numerous passengers do want to get the glimpse of Air India first class seats and the services attached to it but the cost attached to it is also high. Hence, if one gets the upgrades, it just acts as a cherry on the cake.

To know about how to get Air India free upgrade to business class, you need to go through the details discussed below:

How To Do Air India business class upgrades?

The services on the business class on Air India depend upon the availability and upgrades which may or may not be available on every flight.

  • Talking about the use of frequent flyer points for your upgrade, it is not necessary that the business class seats are still available for sale on your flight on behalf of your points.
  • In case, there is a spare business class seat on the flight at the time you make your request then only your upgrade may take place. This can be done by purchasing an upgrade or using a complimentary airport upgrade voucher.
  • Passengers can enjoy Air India upgrade with miles and can also earn frequent flyer points and tier miles on the basis of the economy class ticket they purchased. The way of up-gradation does not matter at all.
How To Do Air India business class upgrades using frequent flyer points?

Being the member of the global Star Alliance family, Air India’s passengers can use the frequent flyer points from any Star Alliance member airline for their business class upgrade. This can be said for a distinctly different approach to that taken by other airline alliances, such as Oneworld.

The exact number of points or miles needed for the upgrade varies between frequent flyer programs. It also depends upon the status of one flight to another. So before you proceed to fly, do get all the details of the fare types you can upgrade from.

If you have enough miles for a business class upgrade, then you will need to contact the frequent flyer program in order to request a ‘Star Alliance upgrade using miles’.

If you can easily manage your travel dates, then calling the frequent flyer program to check for upgrade availability before booking your Air India ticket would be a perfect option to click. Converting your points across to credit cards should also be considered.

How to Buy an Air India business class upgrade at the airport?

If you don’t have enough frequent flyer points for an upgrade or you want to save those for a rainy day, you can easily do so. You also get the option to upgrade to business class on Air India domestic and international flights by using the money on the same day, you want to travel too.

There is also the availability of monetary upgrades along with the provision of Air India upgrade voucher that is only available at airport check-in counters on a first-come, first-served basis. But in case, the seats are vacant, you get a respectful to chance to gain them as upgrades.

All paid upgrades include the airport lounge access and you can continue to earn frequent flyer points as per the economy fare you originally purchased.

If you are engaged in the traveling through the connecting flights (the flight numbers are different for each leg), then upgrades are only possible on the final flight of your journey that day.

Paid upgrades are not available when your initial economy class flight was booked using frequent flyer points from any frequent flyer scheme of Air India or any other airline.

How To Get Air India business class upgrades using Flying Returns Premium Club vouchers?
  • There are a number of upgrade vouchers each year to the jet-setting Flying Returns members by Air India. There can be a complimentary upgrade from economy to business class on Indian domestic flights as well as on international flights.
  • For Silver Edge Club members or Star Alliance Silver members, there is the availability of net two upgrade vouchers.
  • There are three upgrade vouchers available for the Maharajah Club members.
  • For newcomers to the Flying Returns scheme rising through the ranks of basic membership, a total of six upgrade vouchers are there on the table to enjoy along the way.


  • Upgrades are again subject to availability and cannot be requested in advance.
  • It can be avail only at the check-in counter on the day of travel through a voucher or through the member’s Air India Flying Returns membership card.
  • Vouchers cannot be used to upgrade others.
  • Only the frequent flyer member can earn the voucher.
  • For Indian residents, upgrade vouchers are valid for six months from the date of issue.
  • On the other hand, the time period for the foreign residents is of eight months to use their voucher from its issue date.