World’s Most Family-Friendly Airlines of 2018!

More and more airlines are developing their policies towards families to make flying easier for both the parents and the kids. The airlines can and have made the flying experience better for parents of young children is by excelling in customer service. Not all airlines are equal when it comes to services for families. While one might allow families with young children to board before other passengers, others charge for that helpful honor.

Some airlines offer in-flight entertainment to keep the kids busy, while you’ll need to bring your own entertainment for others. Consider one of these family-friendly airlines for your next vacation. Some of these points can, and have, been achieved by the majority of airlines; others are a little more unique to the world’s most family friend airlines.

Traveling as a family means you have to think of extra factors, like whether there’s a lap fee for babies or whether the airline will have cots on board. All of these are lovely perks to flying but even if the airline you are flying with does not have these, customer service is all that is needed to make the journey a pleasant experience.

Major Expected Services On Most Airlines

Not all airlines will have these perks, but here are some examples of how airlines have made flying easier:

  • Family Priority Boarding

If you are a family that wants to board first in order to prepare the space around you, airlines often allow families with young children to board the plane before others. Some airlines even allow those families to board before First Class.

  • Free Checked Bag

Traveling with children means a light backpack. The opportunity to check in as much luggage as possible means parents has a lot less on their shoulders during the journey.

  • Baby Food

When an airline offers a meal on board, order the jar of baby food in advance. Sometimes food and bottle warming services are also available.

  • In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment systems on long-haul flights offer a kids section and sometimes a parent lock so you can control what they watch.

  • Free Bassinet

If you are flying long haul with an infant under 12 months, then contact the airline after booking the tickets to reserve a bassinet on the bulkhead seats. Some airlines take a fee for this, whilst others offer it for free.

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