Which Are The Best US Kid-Friendly Airports?

All goes fine when you get your desired flight without any delay. Delay is frustrating and spends time on an airport is more difficult, unless you are at one of the best airports offering best facilities and services.

Whether you are traveling alone or flying with your family, air travel is a tricky task. Delays, cancellations, waiting, etc are common. And when you are traveling with kids, things get even worse. In such a case, the availability of nursing rooms and restrooms do wonders for the new moms and the entire family.

Here we are discussing the list of 12 Best US Kid-friendly Airports and the number of facilities you can avail there. Some give promising results and some need improvements in the services they offer.

Chicago O’Hare International (ORD):

You can relax in the world’s first airport aeroponic garden in Terminal 3.


• Availability of Mother’s rooms at all the terminals.
• There is also a sink available along with the diaper changing area and comfortable seating.
• It is opened 24/7.
• You can avail the facilities at:
 Terminal 1: Gate B10
 Terminal 2: Between Gates E5 and F8
 Terminal 3: Rotunda
 Terminal 5: M14
2FOR YOUNG KID• At Terminal 2, you can find a play area fully accessible to all children.
• It is available at Gate F1.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Teens can enjoy 30 min complimentary Wi-Fi.
• Power Stations are available across Terminal 1, 2, 3 & 5.

Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

The DFW Airport walking path provides a trail with informational signage and stretches between D6 and D40.

1FOR INFANTS• Availability of 3 nursing rooms at the airport.
• You can find these at A18, B40, and E14.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• For the little grownups, a Junior Flyer Club is available which an aviation-themed playground.
• It consists of an indoor runway, an airplane, a car and a traffic control tower for kids.
• It is located in A13.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Teens can enjoy free Wi-Fi.
• Just register your email address and enjoy free data services.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Talking about JFK airport play area, the airport does provide the numerous travelers the facility of nursing rooms.

1FOR INFANTS• You can find Nursing stations in Terminal 4, Terminal 5 and Terminal 8.
• No Nursing room is there at Terminal 1, 2, & 7.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• At the JetBlue terminal, a play area with soft climbing structures is available.
3FOR TEENAGERS• You can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi.
• Charging stations are also available.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

At San Francisco International Airport, there are 3 different aquariums at Terminal 1 which offer a window to distinct fish communities. On the other side, the Aviation Museum & Library of the International Terminal offers exhibitions and educational programs too.

1 FOR INFANTS• Availability of Nurseries at Terminals 1, 2 and 3.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• The airport features The Exploratorium of San Francisco's weather-themed play area.
• You can find the play areas in Terminal 3 at Gate 87A and Gate 62 as well as Terminal 2 at Gate 54A.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Teens can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

la airport

The advantage the Los Angeles International Airport enjoys is that its location is in the heart of La-La-Land and when it offers complimentary performances throughout the year, it is beneficial for the passengers only.

1OR INFANTS• Nursing rooms are available at each terminal for new moms and infants.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• There is a beach-themed play area available for the kids.
• It consists of soft climbing structures like surfboards and waves.

3FOR TEENAGERS• Teens can enjoy free Wi-Fi for about 45 minutes.
• It also displays an ad before unlimited access begins.

Denver International Airport (DEN)

Coming to Denver airport play zone, temporary and permanent art exhibits are placed throughout the airport.

1FOR INFANTS• Throughout the Jeppesen Terminal, large family restrooms are available.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• In Concourse B, a play zone is there for kids.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Availability of free Wi-Fi across the airport.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP)

At MSP, there is path developed at Terminal 1 which is formed as a part of the American Heart Association.

1FOR INFANTS• You can find the Nursing rooms at Terminal 1 as well as Terminal 2.
• It consists of a sink, electrical outlets, and comfortable seating.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• There is the availability of 2 children plays areas at the airport.
• It consists of a mock airplane, control tower, slides, and electrical outlets near the adult seating area.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Teens can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.
• This facility is available for 2 hours.
• Passengers can also enjoy the 24 hours supply of the Wi-Fi with a very minimal fee.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

seattle airport

At SEA, live music is offered on daily basis throughout the terminals.

1FOR INFANTS• You can find airport kids area which features rocking chairs, soft lighting, electrical outlets and a place to nurse.
• Two nursing rooms are available at Concourse A and Concourse D.

2FOR YOUNG KIDS• The airport displays aviation-themed play equipment.
• It features a landing airplane, baggage cart, control tower, and more.
• Available between Central Terminal and Concourse A.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

1FOR INFANTS• Nursing Suites are available.
• Family restrooms are available in Terminal B and C.
• A pre-security quiet room is also available.
2FOR YOUNG KIDSNo airport play zone for small children is available at this airport.
3FOR TEENAGERS• You can enjoy free Wi-Fi across the airport.
• Charging stations are located in Terminal A and B.

George Bush International Airport (IAH)

Passengers can enjoy music and art performances at the airport in Terminal A’s Southside Connector and the North Atrium on daily basis.

1FOR INFANTS• Nurseries are available at Terminal B and D of the airport.
2FOR YOUNG KIDS• There is no play area available at this Houston airport.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Free availability of Wi-Fi facility throughout the airport.
• Charging stations are also available at all terminals.

La Guardia Airport (LGA)

1FOR INFANTS• A freestanding nursing suite is located at Terminal B and Concourse A.

2FOR YOUNG KIDS• No play area available at LGA.
3FOR TEENAGERS• Availability of free Wi-Fi but only for 30 minutes.
• You need to purchase the additional Wi-Fi.
• Charging stations are located across the terminals.

Miami International Airport (MIA)

miami airport

At MIA, there is an AIR program which stands for Airport Instruction and Readiness for special needs passengers and children.

1FOR INFANTS• MIAmamas suites (private nursing rooms) are located on each concourse.

2FOR YOUNG KIDS• Plane Fun interactive children's play area is located on Concourse E.

• For Teens, availability of free Wi-Fi is there.
• Teens need to pay per 30 minutes and purchasing a 24-hour plan is also there.
• It consists of a toddler space, a control tower, etc.

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