Airlines Which Offer Best Flight Deals To India From the USA For Family

What is more exciting than the anticipation of an upcoming trip to your home country. It’s very important to do a lot of research to choose an airline perfect for you when it comes to planning an itinerary. There are many other factors like safety, convenience, service, food, loyalty programs, etc apart from price which is to be considered before choosing an airline to book best flight deals to India.

Air India:

If you are looking for non-stop flight from the USA to India from Chicago, Newark, San Francisco or New York, then Air India is the best choice for you. The airline has a convenient arrival and departure timings. The crew of Air India is very friendly and can easily converse in many Indian regional languages. The airline also offers good in-flight entertainment options with the availability of Indian cuisine on board.

United Airlines:

United Airlines is the second option if you are considering non-stop flights to India. It is a decent, time-saving flight but not the best. Many elements including quality of legroom, food, service, etc. are much better in Air India. United Airlines is offering non-stop flights between Newark, NJ to Mumbai and Delhi daily. The flight has a higher price than Air India.

Singapore Airlines:

singapore airlines

If you are under the impression that the world-class services are only limited to the passengers of business class, then Singapore Airlines will prove you wrong. The airline is known for offering the world’s best experience in economy class. Singapore Airlines offer services from both San Francisco and Los Angeles to India on the West coast. The standards of safety are relatively high with the excellent service options. The airline has a great On-time record.

Etihad Airways:


For those who wish to take a connecting flight from Middles East, Etihad would be a great option. The seats in the airline are pretty cramped and service quality is not so great. Make sure you double check the baggage weight before reaching the airport as Etihad is very strict about their baggage allowance limit. The Etihad Airways is budget friendly providing decent Indian food.


Emirates is one of the best when it comes to traveling to India. They master in ensuring that you have a wonderful experience throughout your journey. When it comes to comfortable seating and good legroom, they are the best. The airline offers one of the best in-flight entertainment options, with a marvelous service and good legroom.


1.>  Which is the best airline to fly to USA from India?

ANS:- Talking about the best airlines to India from US, Delta does hold a spot on that list. It operates more than 5,400 flights on daily basis and supports a network serving 319 destinations in 54 countries.

2.> What is the cheapest month to fly to India?

ANS:- The cheapest month to fly to India is September.

3.> What is the best airline to fly to America?

  • United Airlines.
  • JetBlue.
  • Southwest Airlines.
  • American Airlines.

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