10 Myths About Getting The Best Flight Deals To India From The USA!

Sometimes it seems like there is no reason when it comes to buying an airline ticket. There are different types of rules and regulations that guide ticket purchases for various offers, which can cause confusion. So below we will expose the most famous myths to get the best flight deals to India from the USA.

  1. Tuesday is the best day for ticket booking:

Airlines are always making thousands of fare adjustments a day. There are always flash fares, which means there’s no one magic date for cheap fares. But the fact remains that further in advance you buy, the cheaper tickets will be.

  1. Clearing a computer’s browsing history:

Various travel search engines expose this myth on its FAQ page where it’s written that it isn’t possible for the cookies to influence prices because your session is anonymous until the point of visiting the airline or travel agent’s site to book.

  1. You can’t get a refund if a ticket price drops:

Various websites track fares and inform you if they drop, which will enable you in some cases to request a refund of the fare difference.

  1. You must buy a roundtrip ticket for the best deals:

Earlier this was actually true. But now, there are websites that will actually put together trips on different airlines to get you the best airfares.

  1. Best fares are available on airline website:

This could be true for flash fares on specific routes. But in reality, the independent websites can scan scores of any airline sites (except for Southwest and Allegiant, which sell Airline tickets only on their websites) and find best deals.

  1. Last minute ticket means a better deal:

At times it is possible when you can get amazing fares at the last minute. But usually, the rule of thumb is the more in advance you buy your tickets, the cheaper the fares will be.  It’s also in the best interest to check for weekly fare sales.

  1. You can book tickets more than a year in advance:

This is not true as most airlines release their seats up to only eight months in advance. Anything after that won’t come up on the website. It is advised to call an airline directly to check for fare availability.

  1. Upgrading ticket to first class for a nominal fee:

Airlines sometimes offer passengers the chance to buy an upgrade when they check in at the airport but that’s not for a nominal fee. It also depends on the distance of the flight.

  1. You need to stay over a Saturday night for the best airfare:

This remains true as Airlines include a Saturday-night stay to discourage business travelers, who are inclined to pay a higher price, from buying lower priced flight tickets.

  1. Airlines offer discounts or special airfares for family emergencies:

These fares are not offered by the low-cost airlines. But some legacy carriers have different policies, some offering fares and some being flexible according to passengers need.

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