Three Injured As Air India Flight Plane Hits Turbulence

On Thursday, An Air India aircraft flying from Amritsar to Delhi ran into such severe turbulence which led to three passengers suffering from injuries and the inside part of a window panel came off with some overhead oxygen masks got deployed.

For 10 to 15 minute, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner had a turbulent flight, which puzzled authorities with the airline and aviation agencies probing for the same.

“The turbulence on AI 462 was such that the head of a seated passenger, who possibly did not have his seatbelt fastened, hit the overhead cabin because of a bump. The person suffered injuries. Two more had minor injuries. The inside of a window panel (18-A) came off. The outside window did not break and there was no de-pressurisation. Passengers were naturally terrified,” said sources.

During the severe turbulent phase of the flight, some oxygen masks also dropped. The overhead panel cover of seat 12-U got cracks. “This was a freak high-level turbulence. AI and Directorate General of Civil Aviation are probing it,” a senior AI official.

On landing in Delhi, the three passengers were taken to the hospital. “Our emergency response and angels took care of the three injured passengers who were taken to a hospital on landing in Delhi. The passenger whose head hit the overhead panel got stitches. Two passengers suffered minor injuries. They are all fine and took their connecting flights after getting the first aid. The passenger who got stitches said he felt OK and the doctors said he could travel. Our angels were with him throughout,” said the official.

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