Air India Web Check-in Status And The General Queries!

Who wants to stand for hours to purchase tickets at the airport? NOBODY! Nowadays, where the world is becoming digital, hence the process of booking tickets is also made easy and more convenient for the passengers.

With the introduction of booking tickets online, different kinds of stuff like choosing the seats, payment of money, etc. becomes simple for the passengers. All you need to do is to choose the airline through which you want to travel, go to their website and find out whether they provide the web check-in facility or not! If yes, then you can book easily from there only, and if not then you have no other option rather than purchasing the tickets at the airport.

What is Web Check-in?

In simple language, purchasing tickets online is what we call Web Check-in. The facility of online check-in is offered by just about every major airline. Through this process, the passenger’s can check-in for the flights in advance from the comfort of your home or office.


When it comes to booking in advance, the majority of the airlines permit the travelers to check-in online up to 24 hours before departure. The general requirements for booking seats online require you to provide your name and booking confirmation number along with the credit card number.

Different airlines have their own set of rules and instructions in regards to the web check-in process. Here we are discussing the process of web check in Air India; the flag carrier airline of India.

Web Check-in facility for Air India Passengers:

Passengers, who want to travel through Air India, now can avail the option of WCI i.e. Web Check-in. This means, through the Air India web check-in, passengers can check-in themselves for Air India flight at their convenience from their home or offices or from anywhere else. Following are some important points which you need to know about the process:

  • All one requires is the PC or a Laptop with the network connectivity and also the printer.
  • Talking about the Air India check in time, it is available within 48 hours of departure of the flight and it is close 2 hours prior departure.
  • There are some flights for which the online check-in facility is available 54 hours in advance.
  • This facility is not available for travel from Dhaka and Code Share flights including all Alliance Air flights.
  • Passengers need to go to the Air India website and find out the web check-in page of the “Manage Your Trip” option.
  • You also need to take a print out of the boarding pass which will let you pass directly to the security check at the airport (if you are traveling with handbag only).
  • Those traveling on international sectors will be given confirmation slip instead of a boarding card.
  • Talking about the rules in regards to Air India baggage policy, you need to contact the Baggage Drop counter to deposit the baggage and collect the registered baggage tags.
Check-in Option Of Air India:

One of the best features that Air India introduces is that the airline provides you a number of options regarding web check-in. Following are the options, which one can avail regarding web check-in in Air India flight.

  • Air India Web Check-in:

Passengers can easily avail the Air India check-in facility through AIR INDIA website. You can also get the glimpse of the Air India seat selection scheme as you can pick your seat online and also print a boarding pass at the convenience of your office or residence.

BAGGAGE: In case you have baggage, you are required to report sufficiently in advance before check-in closure at the airports.

  • Kiosk Check-in:

There is also the option of self-service check-in Kiosks at some airports which enable you to check-in yourself and obtain the boarding pass from the Kiosk machine. Currently, this service is only available for the domestic flights.

BAGGAGE: Talking about the Air India check in baggage rules in case of check-in, you have to deposit the baggage on time. Please contact the Air India check-in agent before check-in closure at the airport.

  • Tele-Check-in:

The facility of Tele Check-in is only available for the executive class passengers and Frequent Flyer Members who have confirmed their reservation.

BAGGAGE: This facility can be avail by the passengers who are traveling without check-in baggage and they need to check-in on the Air India domestic flights from six metro airports, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.

  • City Check-in

The city check-in facility is available at the City Booking Offices.

BAGGAGE: This facility can avail by the passengers who are holding confirmed booking and traveling with hand baggage only.

  • Air India Mobile Check-in:

Now passengers can also check-in through their mobile phones. All they need to do is to open a new window in their mobile handset and log on to http://flyai.mobiExternal website.

mobile check in

This facility not only makes it easy for the passengers to check-in for the flight but also let them choose their favorite seat. Along with this, you can get the other necessary information like check time table details, contact center data, etc.

You can check-in on all domestic as well as international Air India flights, except for the Code Share flights and Alliance Air flights.


QUERY 1: Do I need to register myself to avail the facility of Web booking?

Well, it is not necessary to register for availing this facility. Those passengers who hold a confirmed booking with e-ticket can easily log onto Air India website and carry out the procedure of web check-in.

QUERY 2: What is the procedure of Check-in Through Web?

Anyone who is interested to book his/her tickets online needs to visit the official website of Air India. Then you need to select the web check-in option under the Manage Your Trip heading.

QUERY 3: What is the Air India check in time to avail the web check-in facility for a flight?

Talking about the Air India check in time, it is available within 48 hours of departure of the flight and it is close 2 hours prior departure. There are some flights for which the online check-in facility is available 54 hours in advance.

QUERY 4: How many passengers can be checked-in simultaneously in single PNR?

According to the rules, maximum of nine passengers can be checked in simultaneously.

QUERY 5: What are the rules for check-in for infants?

The infant booked in the PNR can be checked-in along with an associated adult in the booking.

QUERY 5: What is the Web Check-in Status for passengers having a special request such as wheelchairs, Un-accompanied minors etc?

The facility is not available for passengers with special requests like wheel chair, unaccompanied minors etc. Passengers with confirmed booking can avail this facility.

QUERY 6: Is it possible to avail a seat of my choice?

Yes, you can easily pick a seat of your choice. As the seat map will be shown to you while doing check-in where you can pick the one you want. However, Air India reserves the right to change the assigned seats prior to travel due to operational reasons.

Passengers can book a preferred seat under our preferred seat select scheme. This is available on every single route operated by Air India. Moreover, there are some other rules also linked to it which are as follow:

Pregnant women, families with children below 15 years of age along with the passengers with any disabilities are not allowed to avail the emergency seats. Air India reserves the right to refuse emergency exit row seats at the time of check in, in case the above criteria are not met with.

QUERY 5: Will I be issued with a boarding pass?

  • Those who are traveling to domestic sectors will be issued a Boarding pass.
  • Whereas on the other side, passengers traveling on international sectors will be issued a confirmation slip.
  • Passengers traveling Ex-Dubai would be issued with an E boarding card.

Baggage Restrictions:

  1. a) If you are traveling with bags to check-in, then you need to proceed directly to the Check in Counter where a member of our airport services team will check-in your baggage. Passengers are advised to reach the airport 90 minutes before departure.
  2. b) If you are traveling with carry-on bags only, then you need to proceed through Customs, Immigration, and Security. You need to report at the boarding gate, 45 minutes before departure.

QUERY 6: Why a Confirmation slip is issued to passengers on international flights?

Passengers who are traveling on international flights need to carry their travel documents which should be verified by the airline staff. A confirmation slip at the time of web check-in is issued to these passengers. Generally, these slip contains the passenger name, flight number etc along with the seat number allocated.

QUERY 7: Do I have to exchange the confirmation slip with a boarding pass at the airport?

Yes, you need to exchange the confirmation slip with a boarding pass. You need to contact the airline staff in order to complete other check-in formalities and also for obtaining the boarding pass in exchange of the confirmation slip.

QUERY 8: Can I print my Boarding Pass or confirmation slip?

Yes, you can print both of them. For domestic sectors, you need to print the Boarding pass and for international traveling, you need to get a print of confirmation slip.

QUERY 9: How do I check-in my registered baggage?

Passengers need to complete all the check-in formalities at the Dedicated Baggage Drop Counters. You are required to reach the counter well in time to complete your check-in formalities as these have specific time limits like:

  • For Domestic sectors: Counters close 40 minutes before departure
  • For International sectors: Counters close 60 minutes before departure

QUERY 10: Is it possible to De-Check-In in case I decide not to travel?

De-Check-In can be done only at the respective Airport by the airline staff.

QUERY 11: Will I be able to enter the airport using the Web check-in Boarding Pass?

As per the current rules and regulations of the Government Agencies, passengers need to carry a photo ID card and a copy of the E-ticket or the boarding pass in order to enter the airport.

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