LAX To Reciprocate Diesel Buses With Electric

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) announced Friday that the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners has validated the purchase of 20 electric buses to be used for airfield guest transportation.

The buses will be replacing older, diesel-operated buses and were approved on Thursday.

According to LAWA, the newly approved electric buses would produce no polluting emissions, there will be a reduction in maintenance costs and it will provide a quieter ride for guests.

LAWA said that the spending on the new buses cannot exceed $23,705,200.

Michael Christensen, deputy executive director for Facilities Maintenance and Utilities Group of Los Angeles World Airports said: “With the introduction of these new electric buses, LAX will have the largest fleet of electric airfield buses at an airport in the world, transporting us to a cleaner and quieter busing future. These buses are smart for the environment and for our bottom line, and we’re excited to start rolling them out in the coming year.”

14 are diesel-fueled buses that are more than 20 years old and 12 are compressed natural gas-fueled buses that are more than 10 years old of the 26 buses currently in LAWA’s airfield bus fleet.

Samantha Bricker, deputy executive director of the Environmental Programs Group, LAWA said: “By replacing 14 diesel-powered engines and expanding our battery-electric bus capacity, we’re looking at making a substantial reduction in tailpipe emissions, which means cleaner air for our guests and surrounding neighbors.”

LAWA will also be adding six additional electric buses to the fleet which is in addition to the replacement of all 14 diesel buses for a total of 32 buses.


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