Top America’s Airports Providing The Best Wheelchair Assistance

Flying can be exciting, and also a great start to a vacation. But the enjoyment is somewhat lessened if you find yourself traveling from an inaccessible airport.

In a world, where time is the most valuable thing for everybody, most people prefer flying as it is a much faster way of getting somewhere. Some airports provide the best Wheelchair assistance than others and America has a wide number of those. The most airports are designed today in such a way that they are accessible to all people comprising of any and every kind of facilities for the travelers. Every airport has a website that lists all the services available and helps people in deciding which airport they want to travel from one destination to another.

Los Angeles International Airport:

Los Angeles International Airport also referred as LAX, is one of the biggest airports in America. The wheelchair services at the airport are friendly. The airport is having comfortable lounges and companion care restrooms available. The companion care restrooms are situated in terminal 2 and in terminal 6. There are wheelchair friendly taxi cabs available outside the airport if you need one when leaving the airport. There are restaurants and shops too, spacious enough for a wheelchair. The pet parks are there for if you are having a dog with you they will have an enjoyable time as well.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Known as the busiest airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is also one of the biggest airports in America. It has almost all the services that one can imagine. The airport is designed with a beautiful layout and has automatic entrances as well as family lounges and comfortable restrooms. There is an accessible ground transportation with special wheelchair friendly buses. The airport also has medical facilities available at the very best. Various pathways have been designed for people with disabilities for their convenience.

John F. Kennedy International Airport:

Being sixth busiest airport and named after former President John F. Kennedy, it has airport wheelchair service with easy access to each of the airport’s terminals. You can easily rent accessible vehicles or wheel right into city buses from this airport. It also has pet relief areas, best food outlets, and shops, lounges, Wi-Fi in each terminal and the medical centers. The restrooms for people with disabilities are located in each terminal of the airport. As you can see, JFK has accommodations for every wheelchair user.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

This airport also comes with a facility of ground transportation, terminal maps, Wi-Fi, plenty of handicapped parking spaces, restaurants and cafes, pet assistance, services shops, medical care services and the list goes on. The services for people with disabilities are available everywhere in the airport. For any assistance with getting to your gate, just ask any airline personnel at the ticket counter and they will happily find someone to assist you. At gates, A-8, T-11, D-5, C-11, and D-31, wheelchair accessible companion care restrooms are located. There are telephone booths which are specially designed for disabled persons offering wheelchair assistance.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport:

This airport, situated in Chicago has amazing transportation services like rental cars, parking services, and accessible taxi cabs, buses, and shuttles. Like every big airport, this airport also has quality shops and restaurants which consist of everything that is needed to travel. Banking systems, lounges, lost and found, medical services, areas for business events like conference rooms with Wi-Fi services, airport transit systems, and public art exhibits for entertainment purposes. This airport is also having the Purple Airline program facilitating everyone with a disability. Every disabled passenger gets extra care from the staff at the airport without facing any problem at any terminal or security checks. Special buses are there for wheelchair users to travel to and from the plane.

O’Hare also has a sustainability program, where the airport is working towards to save the environment at their best from any pollution. There are also facilities for pets that are traveling with the passenger.

Dallas(Fort Worth) International Airport:

This is also one of the best airports in America and comes with all the amenities and services that a wheelchair friendly airport is having. There are shops, diners, transportation services and Wi-Fi services available at the airport. The airport also has a play area for kids, massage service, a barber shop, a medical center, animal relief areas, and a yoga studio. The disabled people are assisted if they request it before traveling.  Companion care restroom facilities, permission of taking an assistant along, accessible taxi cab services, and special telephone booths are also available. The airport management is making sure always to provide every kind of care to wheelchair users.

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