Miami International Airport becomes home to the first Johnnie Walker store in the U.S.

The experience at the airport has been evolved over the years in an attempt to ease the troubles associated with air travel. Airports are no longer defined by duty-free shops and fast-food restaurants as they have become something more similar to shopping malls having luxury retail stores and expensive sit-down restaurants.

Exhibit A: The s North Terminal in the U.S. The 1,145-SF store creates a museum-like experience for customers to learn more about the brand in addition to purchasing Johnnie Walker products.

Darin Held, Partner at Bloommiami, from the firm that served as design consultants, fabricators and project managers for the store said: “The design immerses customers in the history, provenance, and pioneering spirit of the Johnnie Walker brand”.

Guests can sample various whiskeys and use iPads that provide additional information about Johnnie Walker products at the tasting bar. The lighting, which includes stretching fabric ceiling canopies, backlighted product glorification pads and edge lighted shelves are being used to create a museum-like ambiance.

Other design features including a Johnnie Walker marching Man Statue, large wall-to-wall lightbox with images inspired by Miami, an engraving station where customers can personalize bottles, museum-style images depicting the history of Johnnie Walker, a single malts library display wall designed to mimic a mixer’s lab and intricate floor work that took 56 hours to install.

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