Things to keep in mind “Flying During Covid-19 Pandemic”

Flying is a bit difficult these days due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You must be missing your unplanned trips, Night outs, Flying to a different city without a single doubt in mind. Coronavirus really made our lives like a “bird in a cage”. People are getting bored in their house, start fighting each other because of frustration, no outing, no clubbing, no sports, each and every single day in my life start with the thinking of traveling, thinking about food.

Finally, I planned a trip to India. But flying is not that easy just like before it was. It’s way more difficult and so many things to keep in mind while you start booking tickets and till the end of your travel. I will share with you some major things which you should keep in mind. Here I’m listing some of the points: –

Don’t Book Flight in Advance: 

At present all the airlines facing many difficulties related to pre-booking flights, I will not recommend you to book the flight in advance because of the Covid-19 crisis, nobody knows when things get worse and airline cancels all the flying, A lot of people still waiting for their refunds (because of airline cancel flights).

If you are planning any trip, please book tickets just before the trip starts, I know tickets will be costly but your safety is more important than the money, and keep an eye on the latest news of covid-19 and airline action.

You must check on the internet last minute flight deals before you book, many websites offer amazing deals on direct flights, as I searched for Last Minute flights deals to India, in few seconds I have plenty of option in the queue.

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Book Direct Flight Instead of Connecting Flights: 

You must book a direct flight to your destination, it’s very risky to land in a different country and again goes through all the process, check-in, baggage, again boarding the flight, layovers with different peoples in the lounge, it’s a bit risky for you and your family.

It’s a good idea to book Nonstop Flights, rather than staying in another country and another airport.

Airline Selection: 

While choosing an airline seat selection is a very important factor for your safety, there are only a few airlines are blocking off their middle seats or aisle seats.

From the safety point of view, you must go through their siting plan, now a days Delta and United Airline are the airlines who are taking precautions and keep in mind passenger safety first.

Many other airlines are still flying without safety precautions.

Flight Change Policy and Cancelation:

Before the pandemic, many airlines offered flight change policies and charged for them. These days due to covid-19 most of the airline like United have changed their policy to allow pax change their flights and cancel their flight without any cost and also suggest you flight with fewer passengers.

Always check airlines update policy before booking flights whether you getting an option of changing or canceling the flight without any cost.

Face Mask is Must: 

Whenever you exit from the house face mask is a must, while traveling is most important to put on a face mask. Coronavirus main reason for spreading is “Three C”

* Crowded Place

* Close Contact Settings, like people do while talking to each other very closely 

* Confined and enclosed spaces with very little distance

Almost every place in the world prohibited entry without a face mask, many airports allow you wear a mask through the security line as well. While I was traveling to India at a place, I removed my mask for few seconds people started giving me different looks

Covid-19 Flying Rules and Restrictions: 

Every airport security and employee doing a great job to feel safe while traveling, we should follow some rules to keep them safe also following I listed some more rules in short:

Don’t fly if you are sick, or you have any kind of symptoms of covid-19.

Don’t board a flight in the group, airline modified their rules for entry and making rows to enter. So, keep an eye on your row when calling your number.

In-flight food and beverage reduced due to covid-19. I suggest you take your food from home (which is allowed by the airline) (Link of blog article] and buy a water bottle before boarding.

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Help everyone to stay safe during Covid-19 Pandemic 

Traveller also can help the security officers and fellow travelers during travel, follow these steps:

  • Download a Mobile boarding pass on your mobile to avoid touchless check-in
  • Maintain distance at least six feet’s while standing in rows or queues 
  • Avoid Outside food and café and airport restaurant   
  • Sanitize your hand continuously and keep sanitizer in stock in case of misplacing 
  • Be kind and gentle to your young kids and older people, make space for them and maintain distance 
  • Keep your air vents on in the plane

Have you recently traveled anywhere by plane, by train, or by your own car in the pandemic, please share your experience with us!