Superfast Internet Service Coming To Etihad Flights

Passengers can enjoy Wi-Fly (UAE superfast internet service) which will provide them in-flight communication without slowing down or buffering in the planes by the year 2018.

The flyers on the Etihad flights will soon enjoy access to uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. This set is confirmed to serve 50mbps connection onboard an aircraft. That means it will allow fluent high-speed content which they can use through their mobile and other devices.


There is a dome fixed near the plane’s tail wing and two antennas are enclosed inside it which will pull the satellite signals. There is a Wi-Fi router inside the aircraft that will transmit the broadband network throughout the plane.

As per the sources, this system will be fitted onto an Etihad plane during the Dubai Airshow next month as part of the testing process.

The estimations regarding the cost have not been available right now.

Precautions have been taken to protect the technology from cyber attacks.

To address the current glitches in in-flight connectivity, the UAE consortium worked with global technology firms Hughes Network Systems and Carlisle.

These high-speed connections will be launch by 2018-19 and at the initial time, it will be available in the East, Asia, and Africa.

After the stuff is completed on Etihad, this network will be marketed to other airlines of the world. Aircraft systems will be separate from in-flight Wi-Fi.


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