Do You Know The ‘7’ Most Dirtiest Stuff On The Aircraft?

Every traveler is aware of the fact that airplanes are dirty. But how much dirt, they have no idea. They just have a mindset that the restrooms and the floor are the dirtiest among all on a plane. But here we are discussing a list of 7 dirtiest stuff on a plane which may break your that myth.

From floors to seatbelts, the list is presented to you in the reverse order and for sure you will get shocked after knows the dirtiest element on an aircraft.


For obvious reasons, the dirtiest part of a plane is its floor. This is due to the fact that the floor of an aircraft is absolutely filthy. Talking about the stuff that may touch the floor consists of dirty diapers, dirty footwear of passengers, vomit, food and what not.

airplne floor

Don’t ever walk barefoot into the washrooms or anywhere else in the plane and always use the sanitizers in case you need to touch the floor.


This kind of stuff holds the 6th spot in the listing. As the majority of the airlines recycles their pillows and blankets but these are not hygienic of course. But, it can be seen that travelers flying through different airlines use to prefer these complimentary blankets and pillows only. You may get anything contagious from the previous passengers so try to use the one which is sealed in a wrap.

But the actual criteria are that most of the airlines refold the blankets and put them into the overhead compartments between flights. Hence the washing stage of this stuff is totally skipped.


While flying the planes, you will get two options: whether you will get the aisle seat or the window one. In case, you get the window seat, you will definitely enjoy the outside beauties or use that window as a headrest too.


But in reality, the shades of these windows are hardly cleaned. These are made of plastic and like tray tables, there is the potential of a ton of germs and bacteria on that. Bathrooms on the other side are cleaned multiple of times a day but these are not.


Well, if you are one of those travelers who like to put your all stuff in the seat back pockets, then you need to know this. The main reason to not use these is that they are not cleaned very often and may contain a bundle of bacteria. So think twice before putting any eating stuff into those pockets. You may not have any idea what types of thing go inside that.


It consists of stuff like dirty diapers, left food to spilled drinks; everything goes in these seat pockets. This is the reason why the aircraft cleaners use gloves to reach into the pockets to clean them out.


The first item that comes in our top 3 listing is the seat belts. Yes, you read it right! Everyone use this thing for their own safety but it is always preferable to use a sanitizer after that. Undoubtedly, seat belts are one of the dirtiest things on the plane.


Not only the buckles that collect food and dirt, are the actual fabric seat belts themselves dirty as well. Like other things, seatbelts are rarely get cleaned. So it is advisable after buckle up, sanitize your hands and avoid touching it again.


bathroom and restroom

Most of the readers may have thought that bathrooms are to be the dirtiest in this listing, but that’s not. It holds the 2nd position and not 1st just because of the fact that these are cleaned multiple of times throughout the day. So which stuff defeat bathrooms in terms of dirt and germs, here it is….


YES, it is true. Tray tables are the dirtiest thing on the plane, defeating bathrooms and seat belts and even floor. The true fact attached to it is that you always eat off it or place your thing of it. The main reason for its No. 1 position is that this is made up of plastic and stay connected to the human skin. These work as the helping aid for a number of passengers.

table tray

Whether it is kid placing his sugary drinks on it or the dirty diapers that parents place on them. Next time for sure, you will think twice before keeping your any eating stuff on it directly.


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