Do You Know Why Most Of The Airlines Are White In Color?

A number of passengers travel through the airlines every single day but no one exactly notices that majority of the airlines are painted white in color. Surely, some of the airlines have stripes, decorations along with the name of the respective airline.

By using different colors, the airlines definitely can add an extra punch in the mind of the passengers but why every airline sticks to a single color! Well there are a number of reasons behind ‘WHY AIRPLANES ARE PAINTED WHITE’ but here we are discussing some of them:

Reason 1: WHITE Color Lead to Easier Inspection Of Dents And Cracks:

In order to accomplish all the safety purposes, airplanes need regular inspection so that there should be no symptoms of cracks and dents. It can sound a little weird but the white color really makes it easier to spot the dent, marks, and cracks.

Reason 2: WHITE Keeps The Plane Cool:

It is scientifically proven that with the white paint on the planes, the heat is reflected away from the exteriors of the airplane and it automatically reduces the temperature inside the cabin. Thus, making it cooler inside and it in turns reduces the amount of air conditioning required inside the cabin of the plane.

Reason 3: WHITE Color saves Time as well as Money:

You may not be probably aware of the figure spent on the coloring of the airplanes. Well! In order to paint the overall body of the planes, the total expenses can lie between 30 Lakhs to 1 Crore approximately. And no single airline company wants to spend such a huge amount on coloring. Along with that, painting of the planes in color requires 2 to 3 weeks of time which in turn causes loss of revenue in that period.

Talking about the decorative painting, it is much expensive. The cost can lie between $50K and $200K per plane. So, painting the planes white proves much convenient for the airline companies, it saves their time and is more cost effective.

Reason 4: WHITE Color Doesn’t Lead To Fading Problem:

Airlines fly at high altitudes every day and it results in complete exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions. This, in turn, leads to fading of colors easily and the airlines need to color again and again which is quite expensive. On the other hand, a white-colored airplane doesn’t appear significantly different even after spending a lot of time in the air.

Other colors fade away due to exposure to the sun but with the white color, the problem is less.

Reason 5: WHITE Color is Beneficial for Resale Purposes:

When it comes to selling the aircraft in a hurry, the white color really proves beneficial. If the airplane is colored white, the owners don’t need to repaint the aircraft while selling. He can only change the company name and logo and can sell the plane. This will save his time and money both, hence is an economical option. And this is also a fact that the resale value of white planes is more than that of painted ones.

Reason 6: WHITE Color is due to Lease:

Most of the airline companies don’t own any air-crafts and take them on the lease. As the companies from where they hire the planes don’t allow them to do changes in color or anything else. This is also the reason why these planes are painted in white.

Reason 7: WHITE is also Lead to Less Weightage of Planes:

When the airplanes are painted in other colors, there is a lot of additional weight added which can be reduced if these are painted white. So white would be a more convenient option to pick.

Reason 8: WHITE has some significant thermal advantages over other colors:

White color reflects all wavelengths of light so it does not convert the light into heat. On the other hand, other colors absorb more wavelengths of light and convert them into heat, which leads to easy warming up of planes.

Reason 9: WHITE lead to easier spotting of wreckage:

The White color is more visible as compared to any other color. Well, here we are not talking about the visibility from the sky but in the case of any crash, it becomes easier to spot the white color debris of airplane from the air. Hence it leads to send the help immediately at the required location. It is also easier to spot a white plane on both land and water as well as in the dark. Therefore, white color helps in locating airplane wreckage easily.