What Do Qantas, Emirates & Singapore Airlines Offer In Their New First Class Suites?

With the introduction of new first class suites on the runway for Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates, people are curious to know what they are going to get in the New First Class Suites of these 3 largest international airlines.

First Class Of New Qantas Airbus A380:


  • Qantas new first class suites of Qantas can be said as the result of a long-awaited upgrade to the superjumbo fleet.
  • As the project was expected to start in 2018 after the starting of Qantas’ Boeing 787s begin non-stop flights between Perth and London, but the Qantas’ current Melbourne-Dubai-London A380 service will offer ‘spare’ superjumbos allowing a rolling upgrade program to the 12-strong A380 fleet to begin.
  • In addition to that, the mid-life refurb for the A380s will let the passengers have the glimpse of the airline’s latest business suite instead of the Skybed II business class seats.


A number of new additions in the Qantas’ first class are still unknown at this stage.

Until June 2016, Qantas held an invitation-only ‘First Cabin design workshop’ where a group of top-tier frequent first class flyers was encouraged to share their ideas to help inspire and influence Qantas’ First Cabin Experience.

As per the sources, Qantas may reduce the number of first class suites from 14 to just 10. This may lead to the provision of a larger footprint for each suite or by Qantas to the first class passengers in the A380 and in this process, it will drop out the middle row of four suites.

First Class Of New Emirates:


Emirates is expected to introduce its new first class suites on 12th of November and this is also the opening day of the Dubai Air Show.


As of the new information, Qantas and the Gulf powerhouse will reduce the number of first class suites from 8 down to 6.

Along with this, Emirates New First Class Suites will also adopt the 1-1-1 layout for the luxe cribs instead of 1-2-1 configuration which it is currently using.

The suites are expected to be larger than the present ones and the overall design cues from the airline’s new A380 bar will be totally different from the presently used dark palette of brown faux ‘burled walnut’ and brass trim for a light contemporary color scheme of ivory & champagne.

First Class Of New Singapore Airlines:


  • Along with the Qantas and Emirates, Singapore Airlines has also planned to unveil its new first class suites before the end of the year.
  • The airline has planned to launch an international media also before the months of November and December.
  • This launch event will also showcase the airline’s latest business class seats which will also fit the ultra-long range Airbus A350 jets and this will take place in late 2018. And it will restart the non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and New York too.


Singapore Airlines’ new first class suites larger than their modern counterparts but these will be less in number.

Along with that as per the sources, there will be a reduction in the number of berths i.e. six to eight berths which are 12 at this time.

There is speculation that the airline could also offer an oversized 1A ‘apartment’ suite.

This is also expected that the airline has also chosen to relocate its first class. May be in the new additions, you can witness the first class in the Upper deck instead of the nose of the superjumbo’s main deck.