“10” Best Airport Bars In The US Airports While Traveling To India

Multiple passengers travel from one destination to another in the US. And for this, they need to go through different airports. A frequent traveler has a good sort of experience in availing different facilities and services.

Talking about the different airports of US, a passenger can get a wide range of facilities out there. From spa treatments to multiple cocktail options, one can easily get a royal treatment. All you need to do is to spend.

Passengers spend a lot of time at the airports and one of the most important services which they get is on food and beverage.

Doug Draper (drinks expert) oversees adult beverage operations and menus for HMSHost which is an airport concessions food/beverage Company based outside of Washington, D.C. Draper and his team is constantly working on ideas to bars and restaurants in North American Airports served by HMSHost. As a result, it comes up with about 100 new drinks per year.

Probably following are the best airport bars in the US offering different types of classic cocktails which passengers can enjoy at the different airports of US:


MADE FROM: Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Hellfire Shrub, Combier, orange peel, and Aperol

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: At Book & Bourbon in the main terminal at Kentucky’s Louisville International Airport

  • For the making of this cocktail, trend vinegar-based flavoring ingredients are used.
  • The cocktail also has a classic nod along with a modern interpretation.

Option 2: COUNSELOR:

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: At Umaizushi in the center point of Concourse C at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Terminal C near Gate C45.

MADE FROM: 7-year-old Campari, pineapple, lime, and mint

  • Passengers can pair the cocktail with a piece of sushi or just have it as a pre-flight drink.

Option 3: MARGARITA:

MADE FROM: It is prepared classically with fresh lime juice, rocks, and a salted rim. Used Paloma Tequila as the chief ingredient and highlighting the fresh citrus flavors.

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: At most HMSHost bars across the continent

  • This is an all-time favorite refresher and also is a contemporary option for most of the HMSHost bars.

Option 4: MAI THAI:

MADE FROM: HMSHost makes this classic tropical cocktail with Cointreau, Flor de Caňa 7-year Rum, fresh lime juice, Myers’s Dark Rum, orgeat syrup and others

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: Passengers can enjoy this specific drink at 1897 Market which is located at the Atrium, near Concourse A/B at ​Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Option 5: LA PASSION:

MADE FROM: Prepared with the help of jalapeno-infused Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which is combined with cane sugar, passion fruit puree, and fresh cilantro. It serves with the fresh lemon rinds.

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: Available on the Bebidas Los Clasicos menu at Lorena Garcia Tapas y Cocina in Terminal A at Gate A33  at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.


MADE FROM: It includes lime juice, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, ginger beer, and off course the ice

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: It is available at Mockingbird Distillery & Café in Terminal A near Gate A12 at George Bush Intercontinental Airport and also at most of the HMSHost bars in North America.


MADE FROM: Made with Junmai Sake, grapefruit bitters, Conundrum red wine, Cocchi Apertivo Americano, and Lamar Sugar

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: The drink is served at ICE Dishes and Drinks at Gate 47 at  Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport.


MADE FROM: It is a version of the indispensable mainstay to cocktail culture calls for rye whiskey rather than the more typical bourbon.

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: Available at most HMSHost bars across North America

  • It features a less sweet depth of flavor and offers something straightforward, strong, and agreeable to passengers before taking to the sky.

Option 9: BLOODY MARY:

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: Available at most of the HMSHost bars across North America.

  • HMSHost is aware of the fact that most of the travelers drink a lot of these cocktails during their trips, hence prepare a special menu of the best 10.

Option 10: HOT FLASH:

MADE FROM: This one is made with lime juice, tomato, pepper spice, and Golden Road’s 329 Lager, although it can be made with any beer on draught.

WHERE IT IS AVAILABLE: It is served at Point The Way Café at Los Angeles International Airport

So, any traveler traveling from the US to India or any other route can easily get the glimpse of 10 best available cocktails while waiting for their connecting flights or before their flight.