Check Out The Etihad Airways’ In-Flight Nanny Service!

Flying with children can prove a little tricky and especially when you are traveling through the international flights. One needs to take various preventions before traveling with the little ones.

While navigating the long-haul flights, crying babies onboard takes the whole ambiance to another level and disturbs the parents as well as the other passengers too.

Some of the airlines support the services for catering the kids and helping the customers and custodians to survive the trauma of around 10+ hours while dealing with howling infants.

One of such airlines is the ‘Etihad Airways’ which offers in-flight nanny service which is absolutely free for all the passengers.

For the ease of passengers, Etihad’s Flying Nanny immediately visible on board and the nanny can be easily identifiable due to the distinctive orange apron which stands her out from the stewarding colleagues.

After the initial pleasantries and installation of the baby bassinet, the nanny returns to normal duties and can be witnessed serving dinner and drinks, finding pillows and blankets.

You can also get services regarding warming of milk or the baby food and also another kind of stuff in relation to the babies such as changing diapers and requirement of spare nappies, etc.

However, these nanny services do include the older kids and also offer an activity pack comprised of crayons, coloring in competitions, arts and crafts, and even origami for them.

The nanny does repeat her services regarding milk availability, bassinet installation, and you can also call her if you need anything else.

Etihad Airways also offer free strollers within the terminal as well as parents can also take advantage while check-in of strollers at the gate.