Information And Requirements About The Research Visa For USA Citizen To India!

There are a number of procedures and instructions need to be followed when you are applying for an Indian visa to the USA.

Once these steps have been followed, you can track the progress of their application forms while planning for additional travel requirements. Please follow the steps that are given below for a detailed understanding what are the requirements of research visa to India from USA.

How to Apply?

The nature of travel to India is depending upon the Indian visa requirements. And apart from this, essential things are complete your application form, placed your current photograph and attach all other relevant documents. Then submit it to the closest service center.

Step 1:

Visit the Indian Government site for an Indian Research visa and click on the “Regular Visa Application” button.

Step 2:

After clicking, Online Visa Application form is open. Follow the site instruction to fill out the form with the required information in the fields.

Step 3: Photographs:

When it is complete, print the form, sign it, date it and attach the official passport photos in the required field.

  • Do not attach the same photograph on VISA application form that is already in your passport.
  • The photograph that you are going to affix on the application form should be square shaped or 2 by 2 inches in size.
  • Photographs not to be stapled and must not be adhesive taped. It must be in color.

Step 4: Proof of state residency:

Attach the proof of address with your application. And accepted documents include a photocopy of the following:

  • A clear photocopy of the applicant’s driver’s license or state issued ID is the best proof of address.
  • The address on the ID must match the present address on the visa application exactly.
  • You can also attach the photocopy of the most recent major utility bill like Water, Gas, Electric, or a copy of a valid/current lease containing the signature of landlord and tenant.
  • And attach all the supporting documents and make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.

Step 5: Other Requirements:

  • The other required information includes the proof of the research project subject. They asked about the details of places to visit, previously visited cities, proof of admission of a recognized or reputed institution and evidence of financial resources.
  • An original document of the admission letters is accepted. The copies and emails of admission letters are not accepted.

Step 6: Other Information:

  • Make sure that everything you mention or fill on the application form is correct. Select the “Verified and Continue” option for the further information.
  • After the verification and submission of application form, you will see a confirmation box that includes the Applicant Name and File Number. You can print another copy of this application but for that, you must have the file number.
  • The Indian Embassy does not permit any application that has filled with incorrect information. Handwritten corrections also are not accepted. If the information on the application form needs to be corrected after the print, it will be necessary to apply for a new online application form.

Step 7:

You can also pay your visa fee online. Note that if you apply in person, you have to pay for your visa with cash or a money order at the time of your appointment.

Step 8: Submit your application

Make an appointment at the local India visa center and submit your application if you are applying for a person. The online application process will allow you to arrange an appointment. If you are applying by post then mail the application form with your passport and any other required documentation to the specified address.

Step 9: Track the status:

Track the status of your application on the website. Visas typically take seven to nine business days to process and return.


A Research Visa is valid for the Research Professors or Scholars and participants attending research Conferences / Seminars / Workshops that are held in the India.

Both Non-US and US passport holders can apply for Research Visa from the Embassy / Consulates of India in the United States.

Dependent Members:

  • Your spouse or any dependent family member can be accompanying with you.
  • The all you have to do for that is to apply for an ‘Entry Visa’ not for the Tourist visa.
  • The time period of this visa will be the same as the time period of the Research Visa.

Duration & Validity:

Indian Visas are generally issued for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. It also depends up on the citizenship of the applicant, type of visa and the fee that you paid. The Indian Visa Application form asks for the duration of Visa in Months.

It is necessary that the number of months on the application form must be equal to the number of months that you mentioned the visa.

  • The duration of Research Visa should be same as per the duration of your research period.
  • 1-year Research Visas are available only to US citizens under a bilateral arrangement.
  • Research Visa will be valid for 4 weeks to entry into India after the visa issuance.
  • Apply for a visa at least 6 weeks before your date of travel.
  • It is necessary that applicants have to bring their receipt along with them that was issued at the time of submission of visa application.

Visa fee:

The applicant will be responsible to pay the fee according to you visa validity that is determined by the Indian Consulate. Firstly, complete the Global Reservation Form and make sure that the same number of months is selected on both forms.

Research Visa table1 (1)
Visa Fee and service charge to be paid at Visa Application center. There is no exemption for India Visa Centre Service charge.

So, here we provide the mandatory information about how to apply for a Research visa to India from USA. By following the steps you can easily find a way of what the requirements are and where you can apply for it.