New Weekly Holiday Long Routes By Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa has just introduced three new long haul weekly flights for its passengers. The travellers of Lufthansa airlines can now avail of direct flights to dream destinations of Cancun, Mexico, Male’ and Mauritius.

The first flights in this new plan, started for the destination of Cancun, from Frankfurt on flight LH 514, this was followed by Male’ on flight LH 704, rounding off the week with flight LH 708 to Mauritius.

Due to the popular routes and high demand from its travellers, there has been a very good response from its private passengers, thus explained by the well booked flights and advance bookings, for the upcoming holidays.

The aircraft carrier used for these destinations is the Airbus A340-300. Moreover, these flights will provide a Flynet broadband connection and will offer seats in three different classes. There will be a total of 298 seats, from which 18 will be in Business Class, 19 for Premium Economy and the remaining 261 in Economy Class. Make sure you follow the baggage policy of Lufthansa Airlines . There are different allowance for passengers based on the class of ticket. Economy and premium economy passenger can bring bags of maximum 23 kg while the business class and first class passengers can bring bags of maximum weight 32 kg. For additional baggage you have to pay additional charges. It also depends on the country you are flying from so make a call to the airline before traveling.

The three destinations of Cancun, Male’ and Mauritius are just the starting points of new holiday places Lufthansa has added to its already well connected bouquet of travel points. The airlines is further adding more places such as, Tampa in Florida and Nairobi in Kenya, in the months of late September and October, respectively.

For winter destinations there are numerous routes and scheduled offered by Lufthansa. So, you can always make your winter holiday special in some special places. There are around 288 winter destinations served by Lufthansa. Below you can check the schedule:

  • Lufthansa offer flightsbetween Berlin and New York (USA) 5 times a week.
  • An Airbus A330-300 heads towards the west everyMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • It offers 350-900 flights, from Munich to Boston (USA), Delhi (India) and Bombay (India).
  • Moreover there are wide range of flights from Munich to Charlotte (USA), Denver (USA) and Tokyo (Japan) in winter.

Further it is planning to expand its European network.

This year Lufthansa is going to expand its holiday offer by adding new winter destinations. These are going to be start at the end of October 2020.

Lufthansa is offering four winter holiday destinations . These four new destinations for this year are:

It will serve the sunny islands in the Atlantic Ocean four times a week; the destinations are Thessaloniki’, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. There will be weekly direct flights by Lufthansa to these places.



1.> What food you will be served in the flight of Lufthansa?

Lufthansa in-flight menu  offers customized delights for customers featuring tasty and healthy meals which includes:

  • Roasted chicken slices with sunflower seeds
  • Raw mango salad as appetizer choices
  • Martaban Gosht
  • Chandani Murgh Korma and Shalgam Gosht
  • Baked Rasgulla with caramel sauce
  • Kasi Halwa
  • Litchi Nariyal ki Kheer


2.> Can I cancel and ask a refund with Lufthansa Airlines?

It depends on the type of ticket you have purchased. Generally, Lufthansa flight bookings can be cancelled and refunded online up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.


3.> What is the cabin baggage limit on a flight with Lufthansa Airlines?

Economy Class or Premium Economy Class Passengers: 1 item of up to 8 kg

Business Class and First Class Passengers: 2 items each weighing up to 8 kg


4.> Can I track my Lufthansa flight status without the flight number?

Yes, you can track your Lufthansa flight status without the flight number. You may track your flight by filling in the departure and arrival details of the flight, on the official website or any service provider website. 


5.> Can I get Lufthansa Flight Status and alerts of my flight on my mobile?

 Yes, all you need to subscribe to mobile SMS and emails to get your Lufthansa flight status on your mobile.



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