Guide To Booking Cheapest Plane Tickets

We’ve all been there, dreaming of a perfect getaway within our budget. For most, it has been an unrequited dream so far, searching through endless search engines, going over continuous changing ticket prices, the whole process is quite overpowering. Well worry no more, as we present to you the ultimate guide to booking cheap plane tickets and realizing your dream of a perfect budget friendly holiday.

1. Recognize the best day to fly:

As a rule, weekdays are the cheapest days to fly, especially a Tuesday. Just to be on the safe side, search your desired route ticket and find out the ticket price for a month. Then go through the fares given and find out which day comes to be the cheapest to fly in.

2. Fly with budget airlines :

It is far cheaper to fly on a low cost airline than its bigger counterpart. You will need to compromise with lesser leg space, no on-board entertainment and you will be paying for your meals and drinks, but if you plan smartly, all this will not be a hindrance and you will still end up saving more than if you flew with a bigger airline.

3. Think over layovers when traveling long haul :

When traveling long haul, try to book your tickets which involve a stopover. This will ensure that you save money on your tickets. Try to find out which are the budget airlines of the countries you are travelling to and fro from.

So for example, if you are flying from Toronto to Sydney, the typical layover would be in LA. Try to fly on a no frills Canadian airline to LA and then on a low cost American airline onward to Australia. Just make sure the stopover in LA does not involve too many hours waiting at the airport lounge.

4. Have a travel budget in mind, not the destination :

This means that plan your budget and be flexible about your travel destination. There is a great exploring tool online, Kayak Explore, which lets you input your budget and gives you travel options that fall under it. If you know which country to fly to, but want to know the cheapest route to get there, Kayak assists you in this also.

5. Don’t hesitate, take help from a travel agent :

Generally, travel agents do have the lowest rates available. Even here though, you can get the most of your plane ticket fare, by doing your own research. Finding out the best possible ticket rates and your desired destination and travel schedule and then present this information to the travel agent and see whether he can match it or beat your price. This is especially good for long haul flights, where even a few hundred dollars saved make a huge difference.

6. Know the local airlines:

Most of the time, whichever country you are flying into has some much smaller local airlines that offer great deals which are far cheaper than your regular ones. Take help of Google search, find out all you can about these local airlines and then call them up and find out the best deals and offers they have.

7. Don’t wait to book, if certain of your departure dates:

This means that no matter how long you put off booking a ticket, particularly if you are certain of your departure date, the price of the ticket will not drastically decrease. This is especially true of a budget airline, as their low cost is the starting and as the flight date approaches, the few remaining ticket prices might in fact go up.

So if you are certain of your travel dates, book well in advance and you will be saving money rather than other way around.

8. Paying in foreign currency saves:

Whenever travel to a foreign destination, consider paying in the local currency of that country. Try to pay with a credit card which is free of foreign transaction fees. If you don’t keep this point in mind, you might end up paying far more than you bargained.

So by following our guide to booking cheap tickets, you will save more money, travel with ease. So no matter where you are planning to go, be it cheap flights to India, or anywhere else, rest assured of a budget friendly travel.