General Facts For Traveling Low Cost

These days you will easily find many online travel agencies like Fly Deal Fare that offer low cost tickets. These are by budget airlines that offer its passengers a no frills air travel. This means that in comparison to bigger airlines, that charge you for everything, from your luggage to free meals and drinks on your ticket, these no frills carriers will charge you for their services on a need only basis. Let us discover more facts about these carriers.

1.  You pay for your luggage weight:

Traditionally, the bigger airlines have already levied a hefty charge for you luggage on the price of the ticket. Instead, what the budget airlines do is allow you 7-10 kg for a small carry-on, or give you no luggage allowance. So make sure to check their website beforehand and fill in details for all luggage you will be carrying along. Never try to guess how much your luggage might weigh. Do so before you reach the airport and never go over the prescribed luggage weight. If you do so, the charges levied might prove to be quite heavy on the pocket.

2. Traveling with budget airlines, you pay extra for your food and drinks:

In traditional big airlines, the food you eat is already paid for by you in the over-priced plane ticket. The budget airlines, on the other hand, already have a low cost plane ticket, hence all the other perks, such as the meals and drinks, are paid extra by the passengers.

3. Print your own plane ticket:

Most low cost airlines, especially Ryanair, ask you to print your own ticket, along with the check-in. so check well in advance if your chosen airline wants you to print your ticket or not.

If already travelling, ask your hotel to print the ticket for you, or use the facilities in a library, university or at a convenience store.

4. Check the airport of departure:

Most airlines, in order to cut back on costs, and provide you with lower ticket rates, depart from an airport which might be outside the city. This is fairly common in Europe. So do factor in the distance and the cost of reaching the airport when booking your travel ticket with a budget airline.

5. Customer service is not inferior in budget airlines:

Just because you are flying in a no frills airline, does not entail that the service will be any less inferior to the regular airline. In fact, most of the time, the bad flying experiences have been noted in far bigger airlines than the smaller ones. Low plane cost does not mean a lesser safety and security flying either.

6. No frills includes the interiors also:

This means that the interior of a budget airline may not be as pleasing to the eye. There will be no TV screens, the seats might be less cushy and small, the cushions more firm too. But the infrastructure is not compromised on and neither is safety and security of the plane or of the passengers.

But do plan ahead and bring stuff for your entertainment, such as books, magazines and music; especially if for example you are on long flights to India from USA.

7. Be aware of extra fees:

Budget airlines might charge you extra for paying through credit card, or processing fee when buying online. Some might even charge some additional taxes, but these are always stated at the time of check-out. So when comparing ticket prices, do keep these factors in mind when deciding on which airline to fly from.

No matter what, at the end of the day cheap flights to India by the budget airlines do come to be cheaper than the regular bigger airlines. More often than not, the savings end up being higher when travelling budget, especially for long0haul flights.