New United Airlines Card Offers Simplified Rewards

United Airlines comes up with a new credit card scheme but it will not have the United name on the front. It is so because the United℠ TravelBank Card resembles a cash-back card or general travel cards more than a traditional airline credit card.

Passengers can only earn frequent-flyer miles or points with every purchase on a typical airline card. Then they can redeem the points for discounted flights. But dealing with the frequent-flyer programs is really complicated. The miles you earn depend on a number of factors and the flight you want might not have any award seats available and several other problems.

On the other hand, United℠ TravelBank Card does away with the whole idea of miles as there is an option of TravelBank Cash. This will enable the passengers to redeem the cash for travel with the airline on a simple dollar-for-dollar basis.



Through this card, you can earn 2% on every United purchase plus 1.5% back on everything else.

For example, a flight of $500 would make you earn $10 in TravelBank cash and if you spend $500 on something else, then you can earn around $7.50.


If you book a flight with United, you can easily redeem your TravelBank cash rewards for paying some or all of the fare.

For example, if you want to purchase a ticket worth $300 and there is $300 in your Travel Bank Cash, then you can easily pay the full amount through the card. In case you have only $100 in your Travel Bank account then you can only pay $100 through the card and you need to pay the other $200 by own.

OTHER DETAILS OF THE United℠ TravelBank Card:


United has also introduced some exciting offers on the card such as:

  • You can earn $150 TravelBank cash after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months your account is open.
  • You can enjoy 25% rebate on food and beverage purchases aboard United-operated flights.
  • You can enjoy trip cancellation/interruption insurance.
  • It will also offer Rental car coverage.
  • No foreign transaction fees.


The United℠ TravelBank Card is well suited for the following set of travelers or passengers:

  • The one who doesn’t travel much but when fly, they do with United.
  • Individuals looking for flexibility would be skipping travel cards completely.



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