United Airlines Going Wide With New Economy Seating

United Airlines’ Boeing 767s is taking a new appeal especially for passengers who are searching for more space and roomier seats in the economy cabin.

According to United, the airline has finished the first retrofit of 14 widebody Boeing 767-300 aircraft and is planning to schedule for a makeover by the end of the year 2018.


  • Well, the good news for the passengers is that United is installing a significantly wider leather-upholstered seat in the economy cabin of the made-over planes.
  • In addition to that, passengers can also enjoy their journey in the extraordinarily spacious 5 inches wide. Earlier, the seats were only 17.6 inches wide; hence it is a huge increment for the economy class passengers.

On a comparison with the United’s brand-spanking-new, Dreamliner 7879 which is going to service supports economy cabin seats range from 16.3 to 17.3 inches wide.

As it is a well-known fact that every tenth of an inch difference in seat width can make a huge difference in comfort over the long haul. Hence it is a huge delight for the economy class passengers.

On the other hand, the passengers of Polaris international business class cabin on the retrofitted 767s are also enjoying a roomier experience. An increment from 18.8 inches to 21 inches in the width of new Polaris seats can be seen on the previous iteration of business class seat on United’s 767s.

The first United 767-300s departs from the United hub at Newark Liberty International Airport which is bound for London’s Heathrow Airport.