Do You Know About The Secret Airline Freebies and Services?

Passengers do wish to enjoy different amenities and facilities at the airports as well as in the airlines in which they are traveling. Who doesn’t want to enjoy free champagne or free vouchers?

Well! Yes, you can enjoy stuff like that as the airlines do offer freebies and services to travelers. All you need is to be aware of the complimentary gifts like that.

From complimentary celebration cakes to free bus rides and even shopping vouchers, there is a great variety. Here we are discussing the list of some of the best freebies and other airline services which you can get when flying.


celebiration cake

Free cakes! Yes, you read it right. Well, if you are traveling in one of the flights of Singapore Airline, then you can easily avail such offer. Singapore Airline is already famous for its award-winning service. But now, the airline is offering the passengers, the freebies which they can use to celebrate a special occasion certainly.

What you will get?

You can enjoy a delightful tray of treats, including stuff like fresh cream cake, champagne, strawberries and souvenir teddies.

All you need to do is to let the airline know, what you are celebrating like anniversary, wedding or birthday before your travel. The airline officials load all the extra stuff on the plane in regards to that. You can notify the airline by mailing them or just calling them. There is also the availability of the Special Requests section on your online booking.


If you are traveling long-haul on a route that includes a transit, then most of the major airlines arrange a free stopover for the passengers in that destination. Some of the airlines even throw in a few perks such as a discount on hotel stays and tours, etc.

These are a few of the most popular stopover deals available currently:


Talking about the free rides, a five-star airline, Etihad offers a free coach service to Dubai for economy passengers when they are arriving or departing from Abu Dhabi International Airport. On the other hand, the Premium passengers can avail the facility of a free chauffeur to take them anywhere in the UAE.


In addition to that, once you have an Etihad flight number, you can book your coach ticket online any time up to 24 hours prior to your arrival.

This service includes stuff like air con, water bottles, cold towels, USB ports and fresh breath mints and it is available on the 75-minute ride is on a par with their flights.

Talking about the most convenient way to fly out of the UAE, you need to check in for this flight as it let you hand over your luggage at the Etihad Travel Mall in Downtown Dubai. Hence you need to worry less about your baggage and other stuff.


free money

You must be thinking, how is it possible! Well, one of the best reasons to fly in the world’s best airline i.e. Singapore Airline is that the airline they hand out free money to passengers who transit through Singapore Changi Airport.

Between now and September 30, 2017; the passengers who transit through the Changi Airport on flights from Singapore Air, Silk Air or Air New Zealand can easily avail the vouchers up to the value of $40.

You can use these at retail, food and service outlets as part of the Singapore Air Changi Transit Programme. This means that you get the chance to avail the options like a massage or can choose any food item without worrying about the payment.

But, the passengers must be aware of the fact that they must transit through Singapore on both the outbound and also return leg of the journey, only then they can claim the vouchers. But still, it seems to be a very pretty fair deal for passengers.


However, it sounds great but offers like free hotel stays and meal vouchers can only be avail by the passengers in case you experience a substantial delay.

It is not necessary that you will be going out of the way to receive such perk, but if you experience a flight cancellation or delay on behalf of the airline, then you can definitely claim for that. You are worth entitled to avail the accommodation and meal vouchers. But the time limit of the same will depend on the length of your delay. However, every airline has different flight cancellation policy, so one should be aware of that.

In such a case, you just need to be calm and stay close to the crew so that you can easily grab the offer of the specific voucher.