There are a number of rules attached to every airline related to the cancellation of air tickets. Usually, the amount of refund is dispatched to your bank account via direct deposit within 14 days. It can be returned to the passenger’s bank account or in cash. Well, different airlines have different rules and restrictions regarding the cancellation process of the tickets which you need to know before booking your tickets.

If you want to get the refund regarding cancellations of your tickets, then you need to study the different categories:

In Case you want to cancel the itinerary:

Well, you can easily cancel the tickets online and obtain the refund. But you need to pay the cancellation charges accordingly. If you required doing changes or cancellation regarding booking, then it must be made within 2 hrs for domestic flights and 4 hrs for international flights. There are no charges attached if the ticket is not canceled or rescheduled within stipulated time.

In Case you canceled your ticket:

Normally, a period of 7 to 10 working days is required in the processing of the refunds in this case. And this will be done after deducting appropriate cancellation fees. In case, you are canceling your tickets due to a death or tragedy of someone, then the airlines can change or cancel the ticket free of any charge but you need to give a valid proof of that.

In Case you booked your flight through a travel agency:

If you booked the tickets from a travel agency, then cancellation of the bookings will be made through the travel agencies only. And to obtain the refund for the balance amount, you need to consult the travel agency only which you used for the booking purpose. Passengers need to make a contact with the concerned agency to claim a refund.

In Case you are unable to travel:

Well in case you can’t able to travel on that specific date, then only taxes are refundable for unutilized tickets.

In Case you miss a flight:

In case you miss your flight, then you are able to get all the refunds related to statutory taxes, User Development Fee i.e. UDF, Airport Development Fee and others.

All you need to do is to verify properly all the rules in regards to the cancellation of tickets of different airlines.