Star Alliance Offers Connection Service At Chicago Airport

MUMBAI: From now, passengers can enjoy the new Connection Service while Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as the Global airline group Star Alliance has launched the one.

Different travelers while arriving at the airport can do so to reach their onward flight with another Star Alliance member carrier.

India’s national carrier Air India is also a member of the Star Alliance group.

With the introduction of this service in American carrier, United will carry new branding and will roll out for similar services at 11 major airports around the world.


In case, your incoming flight is late, this new Connection Service automatically comes into action.

It supports software which regulates and monitors the transfer window for customers with an onward flight.

This will be the perfect solution to situations when a customer and any checked bags appear in danger of missing a connection.

Christian Draeger (Star Alliance vice president) stated that “It is frustrating for customers and indeed for the airlines when relatively small delays have the knock-on effect that a connection is missed.”

This Connection Service will automatically alert the respective staff as soon as a connection is at risk. After that, the staff takes necessary steps in order to ensure that the customer and the bags can reach their onward flight. In case of unavailability of required connection, the customer is assisted with re-booking.

With around 750,000 passengers, Chicago has become the fourth biggest transfer hub for Star Alliance worldwide.

Star Alliance Members At O’Hare:

This includes: Air India, Air Canada, Lufthansa, SWISS, Turkish Airlines, United, Copa Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Avianca, Austrian, and Asiana Airlines.

Overall, the Group manages almost 17,500 flights per week to around 187 destinations in 31 countries.