IndiGo Won’t Shift Its Domestic Flights To T2 At Delhi Airport!

New Delhi: IndiGo Airlines has told DIAL; Delhi International Airport Pvt Ltd that it won’t shift its domestic flights from Terminal 1 to T2.

Two months before, the Delhi Airport has shifted 30% of their operations to terminal T2 of all the three low-cost airlines operating from terminal T1. On the same, the airport developer has sent a letter to the airline companies too.

In case, the airline is forced to move its flights to and from Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata to T2 from the month-end, the airline will take a legal action. Neither will it stop to operate its functions from T1.

Being the India’s largest low-cost airline, IndiGo has opposed DIAL’s proposal to shift its domestic flights between T1 and T2. The airlines’ main reason behind this is that all this will cause confusion among the passengers.

IndiGo wrote to DIAL that “The airline is not agreeable to shifting only a ‘part’ of our operations from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 of IGI airport with effect from October 29, 2017, as this will result in widespread confusion and cause grave inconvenience to our passengers, who already hold confirmed bookings and are under the assumption that their flights will depart from Terminal 1.”

It added, “We reserve our rights to make a detailed representation on this matter and take any other action that we may consider necessary in the interest of our passengers.”

The IndiGo’s letter to DIAL was supposed to be issued to inform public about shifting of flights between T1 and T2 from October-end was reportedly taken in response to a draft public statement sent by the airport operator to the LCC.

However, currently the airlines; IndiGo and GoAir have told DIAL that they will definitely shift their operations fully but not partially. The basic reason behind this decision is that the splitting of domestic flights between T1 and T2 will cause tremendous confusion flyers. Apart from this, all this will add to the cost of operations which will be passed on to passengers in form of higher fares.


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