JetBlue Airways Schedule Change Policy, Rebooking & Refund Status!

Sometimes airlines frequently change their flights or their flight is delayed or canceled due to the number of reasons. The airline offers the little compensation when they make the changes in the plans. But when travelers want to change or cancel the reservations, the passengers have to pay the high fee.

A schedule change is any modification that is provided by the airline to the passengers for scheduled flight before the departure date. Some changes include like JetBlue Manage Flight, flight number change, time of departure is change, date changes, routing changes, and cancellations.

What Is JetBlue Schedule Change Policy?

The airline may have an impact on your traveler’s plans and can make the changes more than 60 days before the departure.

The JetBlue change flight or change the plan when:

  • The seasonal demands and new routes are needed.
  • Time changes from daylight to standard time or vice versa.
  • The changes in the flight numbers or operating times.
  • The flights that no longer operate.

If there is any subsequent changes occur in the reservation and ticket, then the fee will increase in airfare.

Schedule Changes Are Allowed:

Schedule Change Is Up To 1:59 Hours

  • Rebook the flight within the same origin and destination city on the same day, the day before or day after the original flight.
  • The airline will inform you about all change fees and fare differences.

For Schedule Change Is 2 Hours Or Greater

  • Rebook the flight with the same departure and arrival city on the same day, the day before, or a day after the original flight.
  • The airline will inform you about all change fees and fare differences.
What Is JetBlue Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

Contact at the counter of the airline before the departure of your original flight. The passenger can confirm the same-day changes at the airport of the same calendar day as your original scheduled flight.

  • The passengers can travel on an earlier or later flight on the same day.
  • The customers have to be travel between the same city pairs or designated airport.
  • The same-day change option is not available for cities with direct flight a day.
  • You can make your confirmed same-day changes at the airport beginning a full 24 hours prior to your original scheduled flight.
  • Same day change fee is waived.
What Is Same-Day Standby Policy?

For Pre-Flight

Standby travel is based on seat availability but is not guaranteed. If you want to travel standby, then you must have a purchased seat. There is no additional charge for this option.

  • You can only purchase the standby seat at the airport before the original flight.
  • On the same day, travelers in cities with multiple flights can travel standby only.
  • Mint® passengers can travel standby before the confirmed scheduled departure, but this will not be guaranteed.

For Post-Flight

Standby travel is based on seat availability and is not guaranteed. It is depending on your fare and also on an additional fee.

  • The passenger must have a purchased seat in order to travel standby.
  • The passenger can purchase standby at the airport on the same day of travel if there is any flight availability.
  • On the same day, travelers in cities with multiple flights can travel standby only.
Ticket Refund Policy:

The airline provides the refundable fares for those customers who need flexibility in their travel. The Refundable Fares come with unlimited changes and has the ability to cancel a full refund until departure the time.


The rules for Refundable Fares are as follows:

  • The Reservations that are made with this fare may be changed or canceled for a refund up until the time of departure.
  • The airline will return your money or send the unused funds will to a credit which is valid for future travel for up to one year from date of issuance.
  • Name changes are permitted.
  • The fares can be changed until you have not purchased the tickets.
  • Change Policy on Refundable Fares

A customer who purchases the fully refundable ticket can change it at any time before the scheduled departure. But, it depends on the availability and any applicable fare change.

  • The money associated with the fare will be placed on a credit card if the reservation is not changed before the scheduled departure.
  • It is valid for future travel or for up to 1 year from date of issuance.
  • Customers may exchange a refundable ticket for a current non-refundable ticket at any time before the departure. But it depends on the difference in fare.
  • The airline will refund your money if changes are occurred due to them. But in vice versa, there may be the fee applied for that.

Upgrade The JetBlue Refundable Ticket

The passengers can upgrade a non-refundable fare to a refundable fare for a per-person change fee plus any applicable fare difference.

No show policy For Refundable Tickets Bookings

  • The passengers can change or cancel the flight before departure to receive a refund.
  • The money on the reservation will be refunded on the credit card for future travel within one year if a customer “no shows” for a flight.

The airline and agencies can refund the ticket when there has been a flight schedule change only and:

  • When a schedule change is greater than 2 hours and no other flight with a comparable routing.
  • When a schedule change does not meet minimum connect times or results is misconnection.
  • When there is discontinuous occur in service.
  • When a change in the routing of a flight and adds one or more stops to the original itinerary.
Ticket Reissue:

Travel agency will reissue the tickets that are affected by a schedule change if the flight is leaving a day before, the day of, and the day after the impacted flight.

  • The scheduled flight must be flown between the same origin and destination as was the original.
  • The tickets will be reissued on the originally issued tickets.
  • Book the new flights in the lowest available class if the same fare class is not available.
Other Valid Details:

The airline will let you know or send the message when an advanced schedule change occurs. For that, follow the airline guidelines like:

  • Enter your contact details so that you can receive all booking and flight changes or your number.
  • Removal of old or changed segments.
  • Add or edit the frequent flyer information.
  • View or print your e-Ticket receipt.
  • The service request allows you to select a seat and special meal in advance.
  • Provide the comfort status of Special Assistance and Seat requested.
  • Travel Agents will reissue tickets the at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.

The airline service enables the passengers to get the updates on the website. Its Calendar Display feature allows choosing alternative flights or traveling dates, whether the passenger was partially flown. Stay up-to-date with this information and use them for future reference.