Indian Passengers Turning To Technology Rather Than Checking In At The Airport

As per the 2017 SITA Passenger IT Trends Survey, Air India’s passengers are resorting to technology to skip queues and minimize their travel time. Air India provides a number of options to check-in to passengers.

SITA is a global survey released by IT provider SITA and co-sponsored by Air Transport World.

Talking about the percentage, the majority of the Indian passengers prefer to check in at the airport rather than booking the tickets online.

The percentage of check-in is 87% whereas, for booking, it is 52%. But now, there can be seen a tremendous growth in other usage points in the journey too. According to the research, self-bag drop usage climbed to 21% from 12%.

Nowadays, passengers want more mobile services as they want to get all the flight updates on their mobile. Moreover, they can also use these mobile services as their baggage too.

Moreover, 54% of the passengers like to use self-bag drop facility than go to an airline check-in counter.

Maneesh Jaikrishna (Vice President Indian Subcontinent, Eastern & Southern Africa) has stated that “This is good news for the industry as it provides airports and airlines the opportunity to fully benefit from technology to speed up the journey.”

Another thing that attracts everyone’s attention is the use of biometrics. India’s national biometric identity system is the largest in the world. It supports more than 1 billion enrolled members and multiple passengers are interested to speed up their journey through the airport by using these.


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